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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 11 July 2024

Images courtesy of A&B Living

Philippe Nigro, Anthony Guerrée, Francesco Citterio, Luca Barengo, Alberto Vismara

Celebrating its’ fourth year in 2024, A&B Living, an atelier of skilled craftsmen combining refined shapes with unique materials and finishes, presents a significant collection of furniture and accessories crafted with exceptional finishes that have never been used before.

Arcade mirror

Over the years, A&B Living‘s aesthetic direction, distinguished by sculptural and monumental forms, has characterized itself in Europe having allured galleries, boutiques and interior designers.

Bas Relief coffee table | Baguette console

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This year, A&B Living introduces fifteen new products, enriching the collection with new shades and materials such as marqueterie de paille and liquid metal, sandblasted cedar wood, gold leaf and polished parchment, as well as ash and Canaletto walnut, which all blend well in the most modern environments. Coherent with the its’ quest to be the factory of ideas, an alchemic place where visionary creators meet the skilled hands of rare and refined craftsmen.

Hatch bookcase

Philippe Nigro, internationally acclaimed French designer, put his signature to four new unique, ornamental and sculptural pieces of furniture in 2024. Two versions of a mirror, Arcade, revolving floor and wall mirror, combining marqueterie de paille and stained Canaletto walnut. The Bas Relief coffee table, in dark stained sandblasted cedar wood, and liquid brass metal, a combination of soft and sinuous shapes. Last but not least, the Hatch bookcase, a feat of cabinet-making techniques, autonomous and available in three distinct versions: chevron- patterned slats, vertical or alternating.

Ritmo sofa and armchair | Punto pouf and bench

The promising young French designer Anthony Guerrée collaborates again this year with A&B Living. His close collaboration with the artisans and his desire for graceful curves give life to two lines of upholstered furniture, the Punto Poufs and the Ritmo Sofa and Armchair.

Flo table and chair

Alessio Bernardini, CEO of the company, is also contributing with his aesthetic vision to the 2024 collection. Flo, already a commercially successful coffee table line, now reinterpreted as an important table of unprecedented proportions, with a stunning top in waxed marqueterie de paille and a sculpted base in pure gold leaf, combined with a matching chair.

Apeiron low table

With the intent of promoting simplicity and relaxation, Francesco Citterio creates Ápeiron. A base with multiple, infinite uses: as a low table with decorated accessories and as a seat with upholstered cushions covered in fine fabrics. Ápeiron is made of solid ash and gold leaf and has a structure that seems to be carved from a single slab of wood.

Cushion sideboard

Other new features come from the vivid imagination of Luca Barengo, who restores the aesthetics of his Cushion coffee table line to the proportions of a tall sideboard, using precious polished parchment and liquid metal.


To complete the 2024 proposals, Alberto Vismara, in his second collaboration with the brand, was called upon. An incessant researcher of new materials, Vismara embraced the challenge launched by Bernardini and proposed two new designs with unique materials: Ottantotto, a console table in woven and waxed marqueterie de paille and shellac, and the Mille sideboard combining Canaletto walnut with art paper, never used before by Italian furniture companies.

Ottantotto console | Mille sideboard

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