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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 11 October 2023

Images courtesy of A&B Living

Multiform objects with individual personalities.

Rye Ray vases by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living reinterpret an archetype that goes all the way back to ancient Greece: like the most famous vase in myth, that of Pandora, they become casket-like, filling with resonant.

Uniqueness in variety: like the vases of ancient Greece, declined in countless shapes and as many functions, those in Rye Ray collection by Philippe Nigro for A&B living are multiform objects with individual personalities. Made with a solid wooden frame and a glass core, they are decorated with a rye straw texture that stimulates first sight and then touch.

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Archetypal, austere, sculptural, they should be observed at least twice: at first glance, one grasps the interplay between the angular geometries and the vibrancy of the colors; lingering further, one appreciates the craftsmanship.

The aesthetic and expressive power of Rye Ray unravels from the resolution of an apparent antithesis, that between decidedly contemporary lines and the historical density of meticulous handwork in marqueterie de paille. Applied straw by straw to form ever-changing patterns, the straw gives the vases sophisticated iridescent perceptions and amplifies their three-dimensionality.

A stylistic cipher of A&B living, this prized technique makes it possible to obtain one-of-a-kind pieces, endowed with brilliant and luminous colors and capable of making themselves the protagonists of extraordinary plays of light.

With Rye Ray, Philippe Nigro reinterprets one of the world’s oldest artifacts, which has always been linked to domestic rituals and living. The result is a project full of resonances but entirely modern, designed for increasingly sensory environments. A bold collection, on whose texture is imprinted the designer’s creativity, the craftsman’s dexterity and the call to nature that the vase will welcome.

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