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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 19 April 2023

Images courtesy of Villari

Meet CRA$Y Designed by Marcantonio, 2023 & HU Designed by Leone Villari, 2023

With creativity, expertise and skilled craftsmanship, Villari, the iconic brand of Made in Italy, continues to reinterpret porcelain to generate masterpieces of precision and refined aesthetic results.

The offerings narrate the company’s ability to explore new boundaries of the expressive potential of this ancient, poetic material, thanks to peerless manual skills and technical mastery, which across 55 years of history have allowed the company to export its products to the leading cities of the world.

For the Salone del Mobile 2023, the company illustrates its identity and its experimental approach through the new collection “Jungle Mood”. A dense pattern of lush forests adorns the table and tea services, ideal for shared moments thanks to the great attention to detail. The collection also includes candles, scent dispensers and decorative collectible objects, finely crafted by skilled hands.

New “Masterpieces”, sculptures and accessories, halfway between art and design, based on the renewed collaboration with Marcantonio and Fabio Novembre and signed by Leone Villari, are inspired by tropical fauna, suggesting the atmosphere of faraway uncontaminated places.

A tribute to the power of nature, its colors and its expressive freedom.

Artistic creations that express the DNA of the company while marking the entry of Villari products in contemporary interior designs, with the purpose of seeking new aesthetic pathways to address a constantly wider audience.

CRA$Y | design by Marcantonio, 2023

Art and design become a unique whole in the pieces by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, continuing his collaboration with Villari this year.

Connections between man and nature are the recurring theme, interpreting the dynamics and beauty of nature, while demonstrating man’s ability in the alteration of the original image. In ongoing pursuit of pure, immediate concepts, the artist formulates objects that fascinate and astonish the viewer, narrating unusual and extraordinary stories.

“CRA$Y” is the result of this approach poised between image and irony, depicting a chimpanzee in white biscuit porcelain with gilded teeth and details in Swarovski crystal, referencing the fashion of the “grillz” sported by famous rappers since the 1980s.

“In my objects I always try to convey concepts that trigger ironic reflections. In a provocative gesture, the chimp touches its head with one finger, as if to suggest a thoughtful pose, but at the same time the animal seems to gaze at the observer, asking ‘are you crazy?’” says Marcantonio.

Presented by Som Santoso

An object that through the representation of a primate with an attitude of ostentation of fame and success, displaying sparkling metal-clad teeth, makes us think about our origins and the often debatable outcomes of our evolution.

HU | design by Leone Villari, 2023
The king of the jungle enters the “Arte” collection by Villari. HU, the gorilla made in finest porcelain, with its imposing figure, transports us into the lush vegetation of the rain forest. A creature that symbolizes majesty, force, nobility and intelligence, considered a sacred animal since ancient times, masterfully reinterpreted by the artist down to the smallest details.

A gorilla with a cheeky punk spirit, wearing glittering studs along its arms.

A tribute to a key animal in its own habitat, and a plea to defend this species in danger of extinction.

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