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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 14 June 2023

Images courtesy of Very Wood

A Dictionary of Forms and Colors

Very Wood is a design archipelago that embraces different ideas and philosophies: each designer is a world, an island, which while maintaining its own identity dialogues with the others at the same time, developing Made in Italy collections which express the concept of hospitality and sociability.

At the Salone del Mobile, shows up with an installation curated by Concetta Giannangeli that gives visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the story of the company and its many collaborations: the two opposite sides of the same space converse with each other in a play of repetition and variation, to show simultaneously the authenticity of the design and workmanship as well as the heterogeneity of the product offering.


One wall features a succession of vertical panels bearing the brand’s name and creating recesses that display seating by Rodolfo Dordoni, Neri&Hu, Christophe Pillet, Patricia Urquiola, and This Weber. In addition to the 2023 novelties, Sisters and Bowie by Dordoni and Weber, the products on display come from the collections of the past three years: from Boogie, which is a nod to the classic director’s chair with a contemporary twist, and Kha, which reinterprets the Vienna straw, both designed by Christophe Pillet, to The Weekend Collection by Neri&Hu with the two chairs Saturday and Sunday that combine functionality and comfort; from Zantilam, whose peculiarity is the steam-curved ashwood, designed by Patricia Urquiola, to Rodolfo Dordoni‘s Egadi collection, which takes its name and inspiration from the Sicilian archipelago.

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Behind the products, a series of photographs by Miro Zagnoli create an emotional and evocative narrative of the Very Wood production. A display that features light and shadow, a chiaroscuro that highlights the various nuances of the company’s design offering, showcasing the expertise that draws on the Italian tradition but also the ability to interpret the trends and needs of a constantly evolving industry.


For this year’s new products, Very Wood has worked side by side with two designers whose design identity it already knows very well, and who once again were able to interpret the different facets of the brand with their own sensitivity, combining tradition with a style that is contemporary, essential and pure.


Rodolfo Dordoni, a professional with an eclectic personality, and This Weber, a Swiss designer whose creations aim to create a timeless design language, are the names behind these two new collections, Sisters and Bowie respectively, which this year are being added to Very Wood’s extensive offering.

Sisters by Rodolfo Dordoni
The structure of the chair, simplified by reducing the components that make it up, guarantees sturdiness with the appropriate adjustment of the thicknesses of the wood sections. The result is a family of straightforward club chairs but at the same time capable of offering optimal comfort thanks to an internally strapped and padded seat cushion. The ash legs of the structure create a soft and welcoming backrest which is aesthetically transformed thanks to the nature of its upholstery. The backrest is available in two solutions, a more classic one, with upholstered padding, and a less conventional solution, obtained directly from the stranding of the structure, for indoor use only. Different souls, but at the same time clearly attributable to the same design genesis.



Bowie by This Weber
From the observation of the bow kite, the inflatable kite used in the sport of kiteboarding, which curves pushed by the wind to gain altitude, the generating thought of the Bowie chair was born, signed by the Swiss designer This Weber.   concave shells that welcome and embrace the body like a light and thin carapace, creating a comfortable and flexible shape that favors a wide variety of sitting positions. The basic idea for Bowie is to obtain the maximum possible comfort from the elements of the seat and backrest, in curved ash plywood from the same mould, with padding that covers the shell, revealing the outline of the frame


The set-up proposed at the Fair then finds a correspondence also in the city, in the beating heart of the Design Week, where the brand’s iconic collections and novelties are shown together in the  Very Wood showroom, a 200sqm area included in the larger Gervasoni space in Via Spartaco 34.


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