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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 16 April 2024

Images courtesy of Venini

Between history and contemporaneity: Peter Marino, Atelier Oï, Massimo Vignelli, Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin

The Art Light collection by VENINI is enriched year after year with new pendant lamp designs perfect for illuminating various home spaces through play of light and precious reflections. Excellence in the craftsmanship of Murano glass, VENINI offers a vast array of choices in the collection that combine decor, craftsmanship, color, and contrast between archival pieces and modernity, resulting from collaborations with international designers.

Masterpieces of high manufacturing quality, the pendant lamps are ideal for placement above the dining table for more precise lighting, or for brightening the living space with a diffused and evocative light that brings to life the glass with nuances and highlights the manufacturing techniques.

CILINDRO by Peter Marino – 2020
The Cilindro collection of suspension lamps carries the renowned signature of Peter Marino. Crafted from blown glass with a polished black nickel structure, these lamps are created using the “Fasce” technique, where the master glassmaker pours hot colored strips and blends them, wrapping around the geometric volumes of crystal glass to create luminous vortices that captivate the gaze. Cilindro represents a striking counterposition between the transparency of crystal and the heft of the material. Rotondo and Parallelo are part of the collection designed by Peter Marino, as well.

Clindro | Parallelo | Rotondo

FUNGO by Massimo Vignelli – 1956
Winner of the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro” award in 1956, Fungo is the creation born from the mind of designer Massimo Vignelli, the result of extensive experimentation and a clear expression of the designer’s always up-to-date elegance. The lamp is made from a single element of Tessuto glass, formed by grey and milk glass canes that softly drape over the body of this contemporary design lamp, thus enhancing the spaces it occupies.

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STELLE FILANTI by Atelier Oï – 2013
Designed by the Swiss studio Atelier Oï, Stelle Filanti is a chandelier with strict geometries that captivates and embellishes spaces with its play of lighting. Light flows smoothly downward and upward, illuminating the leather sculpture: the color of the glass diffuser, brightened, interacts with the leather strips that envelop it, spreading light in a dance of gradual shades, reminiscent of the luminous streaks that mark the path of streamers as they cross the sky. An eye-catching lamp design that captivates attention within the space.

ABACO COLLECTION by Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin – 1998
The Abaco collection of pendant lamps is a signature creation by the designer duo Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin. It is designed to function as both artistic installations and practical furnishing elements, destined to illuminate and command the focus of any inhabited space. Each lamp is comprised of three to five spheres, each distinguished by unique manual techniques, and connected by sleek brushed metal rods. The collection stands out for its mixed glass processing technique—a fusion of expertise and meticulousness that master glassmakers apply to create glass objects of distinction with special features. This harmonious blend of various processes imbues the work with a pronounced personality, enhancing its individuality.

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