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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 03 April 2023

Text and images courtesy of TURRI

Contemporary Luxury Made In Italy : TURRI (PAV. 1 – Stand A07/B08) and TURRI Design (PAV. 7- Stand M14/M16)

This year, TURRI wants to present itself at the annual event of Salone del Mobile. Authenticity, roots, and contemporary luxury are the prerogatives of TURRI‘s Made in Italy, and the essential elements of the cosmopolitan style through which the brand still talks about itself on the international market.

This year the exhibition spaces are created by Studio MILO and arranged as a time path to discover the contemporary design. It is an inclusive design able to catch the attention of the visitor through a structure which easily accompanies inside TURRI’s design.

Turri – Matteo Nunziati – Domus divano

An architectural language which tells about the transition of the Company towards a contemporary style, and which comes true in two stands: TURRI (PAV. 1 – Stand A07/B08) and TURRI Design (PAV. 7- Stand M14/M16).

These two stands are ideally connected by a ribbon. A visual symbol which embodies the relationship between TURRI and TURRI Design: on one side the style joins tradition and modernity, on the other side there is an original and consistent interpretation of the new international luxury.

Turri – Matteo Nunziati – Domus divano

The external structure is champagne matt coloured in the TURRI’s stand at Pavilion 1 and platinum coloured at TURRI Design at Pavilion 7. It acts like a curtain able to reveal the contemporary style of TURRI‘s products.

In the pavilion 1, the game between empty and full volumes is emphasized by the sizes of the space: the concept of micro living environments (living, dining, and bedroom), created by Matteo Nunziati, Giuseppe Viganò and Huang Quan, with the extensions of their collections, let the visitor slowly discover TURRI’s house by showing the results of the recent Company’s evolution, perfectly visible in the main agora, where the breathe and the perception become wider.

Turri – Matteo Nunziati – Domus divano

The leit motif between the two stands is represented by the hand-woven straw ribbon, 1 meter long and with a fabric edge, that at 4 meter high starts from the main agora of the pavilion 1 and goes on up to the entrance of the pavilion 7, where the most recent trends of TURRI‘s design will be exhibited with two new collections of Toan Nguyen and some new entries for the Azul collection by Paola Navone-OTTO Studio and Roma by Monica Armani. The agora concept is still here, but with different sizes: a reduced space which allows the entrance, a guided movement of people who can also move in freedom thanks to the presence of two entrances. These define the guests flow and remember that the time is precious.

An immersive and involving experience which shows the development of the craftsmanship of TURRI‘s brand: the waving movement of the external structure spreads outside by welcoming the guests and inviting them to discover the new house concept created by the designers, who even this year express the style transition towards a more contemporary language.

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The outdoor and the indoor are linked together, even though they are still independent from each other, and there is a consistency of each environment, which is characterised by the presence of a different material.

The light style selected for both stands includes a fusion concerning the colours, expressed by new finishes, light and desaturated hues, which show a particular elegance through their intensity. The coverings of the stands have the same elegance, featuring stones and ceramics, that lightly enhance the space.

Turri Design – Toan Nguyen – Ratio – 3 seater sofa 

In line with the concept of Salone del Mobile.Milano, the fusion also concerns the use of recycled materials supporting an environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The cross-cutting nature of TURRI is expressed in the real works of art inside the environments: images and collaborations with art galleries show a connection between art and design.

This is a project where the involved designers, thanks to their experience, are witnesses of an Italian expert craftmanship, which shows the Made in Italy by TURRI and interprets the international living culture.

Turri Design – Toan Nguyen – Ratio – 3 seater sofa 

TURRI Design thinks about all the daily aspects of life and defines a modern luxury concept. An aesthetic concept which abandons the minimalism and expresses the making of culture with an international touch.

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