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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 26 April 2024

Images courtesy of Takeda Katsuya Design

Takeda Katsuya Design Returns To Milan Design Week For Its Third Edition By Presenting The Exhibition-Event Called “Timeless Innovation”

Timeless Innovation, the exhibition-event at via del Torchio 5/7 in Milan, hosted at the Takeda Katsuya Design architecture studio, returns to Milan Design Week for its third edition, in the Connect & Expand version. The aim is to pass on the legacy of Japanese companies’ traditional techniques in a global vision, connecting local and global through the lens of design.

Three Japanese companies, Takeda Katsuya Design, tatehiko, and IGUSALONe, have an international vision and a common philosophy: to open new possibilities for design and transmit craftsmanship in a contemporary interpretation where traditions of excellence continue to shine through time and innovation.

The exhibition will present The BRACE Collection, a furniture line designed by Takeda Katsuya based in Milan and produced by tatehiko brand in the Japanese city of Ashikaga, in Tochigi Prefecture.

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The BRACE Collection
A collaboration born from the fortunate encounter between the Takeda Katsuya Design studio and tatehiko company. The BRACE Collection is born, a new design concept featuring a structure with very light, elegant, and functional supports, characterized by diagonal lines that allow for various configurations, dimensions, and applications, making the furniture extremely versatile and portable, suitable for any environment and atmosphere.

The BRACE Collection is the result of the established local expertise of Tatehiko, the result of “Carving, grafting, turning, joining, and assembling” passed down through four generations, which by valuing and sustainably using local resources.

BRACE is a collection with strong aesthetic appeal, with a structure made from high quality Hinoki cypress wood, typical material used in the construction and furniture industry in Japan since ancient times. The joints are made from a traditional Japanese architectural technique called Shiguchi that uses steel to provide strength despite the slim structures.

The BRACE Collection will be enriched by the elegant touch of IGUSALONe products, a manufacturer that interprets tatami in a modern key and will present curtain textures framing the exhibition space. IGUSALONe develops products in Igusa (a plant called Rush in English, a completely natural material composed of a type of rush of Japanese origin, flexible yet durable, used for traditional tatami). The name means “to tie together,” and it is precisely in this technique that the brand creates innovative products applied to various fields such as clothing, food, and residences.

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