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The Gift Guide 2018 from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG porcelain collections


Wednesday 05 December 2018

Let’s share our happiness in this gift giving season with extraordinary collections from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG porcelain from Germany.  May it be the perfect gift for this year’s cheerfulness.

SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG porcelain from Germany is officially available from or visit the showroom in Papilion, Kemang.



Champagne Cooler Gold, Champagne, Vodka, Digestif & Water Plain White
Sip of Gold Collection BW Stars, BW Dots, BW Check, BW Diamonds & CA Vertical Stripes
Prometheus Tumbler Still & Prometheus Satin White
Seduction Platin Small, Nile Co Crocodile Platinum, Champagne Cooler Platin & Treasure Still 13 P
Nile Co Elephant Gold & TG Cloche Combination Collection
TG C Tea Cup Saucer & Treasure Still 24 G
CA Still Collection & CA CY Saucer S
TP C Tea Cup Saucer & Treasure Still 22 P
Greta MC Still 11
WK CY Tea Mug, Candle Holder Josephine WK, WK R Bread Plate D & WK Nile Co Polar Bear