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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 10 October 2023

Images courtesy of Faina

Three colors derived from majestic Ukraine dawn

Something radiance to look forward for this fall! Faina has unveiled the new radiant color palatte for Svitanok chair, designed by Victoria Yakusha.

Preseted by Coulisse | INK

The new bright palette is invented by Victoria Yakusha from sustainable material called ‘Ztista’. It is inspired by the vivid and emotional Ukrainian sky early in the morning.

“The more uncertainty there is in the world, the more belief and hope we need.
The Ukrainian sky has incredible power and potential, especially in the morning. Each sunrise shows a wide palette of inspiring colours, which we decided to recreate in a new palette — SVITANOK. It symbolises hope, faith and lightness.”
Victoria Yakusha.

The new Svitanok comes in three colors derived from majestic Ukraine dawn:
Ukrainian “blue” (Nebesnyi)— symbolizes Ukrainian skies and represents freedom and limitless possibilities
Ukrainian “pink” (rozhevyi)  — symbolizes naivety and childlike qualities
Ukrainian “sunny” (sonyachnyi)— symbolizes optimism and evokes a sense of brightness and joy

“When the sun rises, it means there is going to be a new day. A new day brings us new possibilities to change ourselves and this world for the better.” Victoria Yakusha.

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