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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 16 August 2023

Images courtesy of Slamp

10th Anniversary of Slamp and Zaha Hadid Design

On the occasion of the London Design Festival, Slamp presents, in the London Knightsbridge showroom, a special set-up which pays tribute to the creations Aria and Avia by Zaha Hadid Design.

Aria Gold and Transparent

London Design Festival | 16–24 September 2023
Flagship store Slamp London Knightsbridge

9A Thurloe Pl, South Kensington

Aria Gold and Transparent

Slamp, the Italian lighting brand that combines the innovation of shapes and materials with the tailoring of production, announces its participation in the London Design Festival (16–24 September 2023), presenting a special set-up in the London Knightsbridge flagship store that pays tribute to the tenth anniversary of the partnership with Zaha Hadid Design.
After the success of the dynamic and impressive Infinite Air lighting architecture presented as part of Euroluce 2023, the company continues to celebrate the collaboration with one of the most important exponents of contemporary architecture, precisely in the city where, in 1980, the visionary architect founded her own studio. The spaces of the London mono-brand will come to life with an evocative composition starring the illuminated sculptures Aria and Avia, a signature project from 2013, a fruit of the collaboration between Slamp and Zaha Hadid Design.
Aria and Avia are the expression of a company vision that has always been characterised by a declared aptitude for experimentation. Thanks to the versatility of the technopolymers, with which all the brand’s creations are made, the world of Slamp is distinguished in these two projects by an organic aesthetic, in which the fluid and complex forms of the sheets that follow each other in the structure open and develop harmoniously in spaceLight and design coexist in these surprising and unexpected projects, which, thanks to the different sizes available, are ideal for domestic environments but able to respond to even the most complex contracting needs.

Presented by Som Santoso

Manually assembled by the Ladies who taylor lightAria and Avia combine the artisanal experience synonymous with Made in Italy with cutting-edge lighting technologies: 50 different layers of Cristalflex® create a perfect architecture that envelops the light source, transforming it from a source of light into a sculptural object, inimitable and of the highest quality.
“The partnership with Zaha Hadid Design was born from a brilliant intuition of Nigel Coates, who was Art Director of Slamp at the time and a friend of the architect. He invited her to come up with a project for us”, says Luca Mazza, General Manager of the brand. “This encounter marked a very important moment for us, consolidating the dialogue with the more visionary world of contemporary architecture. We continue to pay tribute to Zaha’s revolutionary presence, her charisma, and her ability to look at things in such a radical way”.

Avia Black 

Looking back to when we started our journey with Slamp in 2013, with the launch of Aria and Avia, it’s incredible how our collaboration has grown so strong,” says Woody Yao, Director of Zaha Hadid Design. “Teamwork is the basis of everything we do, especially because it is based on mutual trust: we can’t wait to find out where the next ten years will take us together!
We couldn’t be happier to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our collaboration with Slamp, who, for us, are not clients, but are part of our family,” adds Maha Kutay, Director of Zaha Hadid Design. “Slamp shares our ethos, we approach contemporaneity with the same curiosity and optimism, and I think this is evident in the work we develop together“.
The audience of the London Design Festival will thereby have the opportunity to discover and retrace, through an immersive experience, the design vision of Zaha Hadid Design and her unique ability to transfer her revolutionary language from the world of architecture to the world of lighting, maintaining – even on very distant scales – the same audacity and expressive power that have always distinguished all her production.

Avia Black 

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