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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 07 June 2024

Images courtesy of Scarlet Splendour

The Meditative Design of Unrealism Collection

Unrealism is a 21st-century art form. It immerses the meditative mind into a surreal universe of vibrant colors and fluidity. Transcending the constraints of structure, this trance-like experience echoes the ancient practice of deep meditation.

Nebula Wall Accent I

Unrealism Collection from Scarlet Splendour is a new eclectic collection of limited-edition objects designed by the company founders Ashish Bajoria e Suman Kanodia. Creating functional and yet, emotionally engaging wall panels, luxurious cabinets and transcendent sculptural art and artworks, Unrealism fascinates with its fluid forms and unconstructed beauty.


“The characteristics of Unrealism may appear strange and yet are increasingly familiar. We created artworks that evoke symbolism, random eCects, biomorphic and anamorphic shapes and an epiphany of colours and textures”- Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia

Presented by Som Santoso

Scarlet Splendour translates Unrealism into iconic furniture, objects and sculptural artworks by using ancient and contemporary crafts of India. The products are meticulously handcrafted by exceptional artisans – these include marquetry in resin, all kinds of metals, semi-precious stones and straw, cast brass, aluminum and copper, superlative carpentry, leather craft and more.

This extravagant and ethereal console features celestial forms against coppery blue skies. It is covered in copper with the gradient of blue and copper hues with floating planets cast in brass with Scarlet Splendour’s signature finishes. The interior has functional drawers and trays.

Dimensions: W200 x D50 x H91 cm

Made of rich materials such as resin, brass and metal, with copper and straw inlays and matte finish, the Skyland Bar includes a service and a guest counter, and footrest.

Dimensions: W189 x D90 x H104 cm

Unrealism patterns for SKIN
Made with careful art direction and meticulous craftsmanship, SKIN is a collection of signature panels by Scarlet Splendour to be used for personalization of walls, partitions, cabinets, bars, headboards, tables, doors, counters and much more. It is available in many different artistic patterns including dramatic ones from the Unrealism Collection.

Cosmic energy brings smiles from the world beyond the tangible, in striking contrasts of texture and colour. This fascinating wall panel composed by three pieces can be customized to any size. It is achieved with fine craftsmanship of a variety of materials, copper, brass and resin, hand lacquered to retard oxidation. Wall art is also available in different signature themes on limited edition, in matt or gloss finishes.

Available in three models – Celestial, Cosmic and Nebula – the wall accents are hand made with meticulous marquetry of metal and resin, lacquered to retard oxidation, and can be customized to any size. This is not just a work of art: it’s an invitation to embrace the joy of existence. Beautifully handcrafted, it is a reminder that even in the vast expanse of the universe, there’s always room for a laugh.

The Mystic Tables
, available in two different shapes, are a sculptural expression of a functional table made in two layers of brass. Beautifully cast and finished in signature organic patterns, the table evokes thoughts and conversations. It is hand lacquered to retard oxidation.

Dimensions: W74xD50xH69cm||W48xD29xH33cm

Hand-made in pure natural cast brass with signature finishes, Totem I is a sculpture that evokes serenity, good vibrations and invites to reflect and elevate the spirit. A sentinel of brass rising skyward, echoes the solemn majesty of ancient stones stacked by nature’s hand.

Dimensions: W43 x D43 x H183 cm

This unique artifact is handmade in terracotta or brass with traditional methods of hand crafting and firing. It can be lit with a t-light for atmosphere or simply be used as a delightful piece in the space.

Dimensions: W38 x D23 x H38 cm

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