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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 22 March 2023

Text and images courtesy of ADI Design Museum

A Collection of Twenty Marble Pieces 

“Even stone, the oldest material worked by humans, faces significant change in the future. Numerical technology is creating a new scenario in which digital immateriality will join the powerful force of numerical machinery and plow through stones, exploring new expressive languages.” Raffaello Galiotto

Raffaello Galiotto

ADI Design Museum, Piazza Compasso d’Oro, 1, Milano
14 – 23 April 2023
14-17/04 Open 10.30-20.00
18-23/04 Open 10.30-22.00

‘NEXT CREATURES’ is an exhibition by Raffaello Galiotto, a collection of twenty marble pieces with a strong evocative power displayed in the underground space at the ADI Design Museum in Milan.

The works, made with precious marbles, are inspired by the fascinating forms of nature, the bone structures of vertebrates, the chromatic symmetries of the liveries, and the marginal serration of the leaves. The indistinct fusion of the animal and vegetable kingdoms leads to mysterious fossils of the future, stranded exoskeletons of unimaginable marine life.

Presented by Som Santoso

This visionary collection stimulates the debate between natural and artificial, driven by a new expressive code where stone meets the digital machine to form an antithetical relationship between materiality and immateriality.

The stones worked this way, with perceptive, visual, and tactile milling of the highest precision, inviting the visitor to experience the physical material through an aesthetic expression of powerful and attractive suggestion. Raffaello Galiotto studied Fine Arts at the Venice Academy, directing his path toward the design world and founding his studio in Chiampo (Vicenza) in 1993.
His projects are characterized by experimentation and the continuous search for new solutions, which has won him numerous awards. He is particularly intrigued by the expressiveness of materials and technology. He designs with many companies in different sectors, is the artistic director of Nardi (outdoor furniture), and creates collections and exhibitions and, in particular, in the stone sector, he has brought about exciting innovations thanks to digital technology. He lectured in Design at the University of Ferrara from 2012 to 2019 and was curator of the Marmomac Verona exhibitions (2014-2021).

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