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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 06 September 2023

Images courtesy of Radar Interior

Maison et Objet (7-11 September 2023): “Enjoy: in quest of pleasures”

Radar Interior is attending Maison et Objet within the installation “INSPIRE ME!” (Hall 5A) by Peclers Paris with the Cometa floor lamp and its precious, artistically crafted glass domes.

In fact, Radar Interior’s approach is perfectly in line with the topic that the well-known French consultancy agency, traditionally specialised in identifying style and innovation trends, has chosen for the next edition of Maison&Objet, a leading Parisian trade fair dedicated to home decor (7-11 September 2023):  “Enjoy: in quest of pleasures”.

More than an actual trend, it is an initiation to joy, to the pursuit of enjoyment, through colour, audacity, extravagance, humour, to living interiors offering well-being and stimulating endorphins by means of design.

“We have reached such a level of anxiety in life that we are almost at a turning point,” says Patricia Beausoleil, director of Foresight and Environment & Design at Peclers Paris. We are trying to be super-reasonable but we are realising that, ultimately, we are all made up of contradictions. We need to access these more reserved, exclusive, individual, almost selfish territories to maintain some sort of well-being. We need to rediscover certain forms of optimism”.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

In addition to defining the topic of the entire exhibition, Peclers Paris will stage its own interpretation of it in a 200m2 space dedicated to an immersive experience created with objects, materials and artworks. The experience will be both sensorial and playful, animated by performances by artists, craftsmen, designers and creators. A space dedicated to trends in three dimensions and five senses.

This completely innovative context will set the stage for the exhibition of the silver version of the Cometa Fractale lamp. It is formed by a matt black lacquered metal structure on which two large glass dome-shaped diffusers are installed, which turn in different directions in an attempt to pick up the most diverse vibrations and to look towards the future in an increasingly creative way.

Peclers Paris, INSPIRE ME!, Hall 5A

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