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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 08 March 2023

Images courtesy of Promemoria

April 18-23, 2023 Milan : Orlando Furioso by James D’Auria

It all began like this: designer James d’Auria had a wish to breathe new life into Jean Michel Frank’s Parsons table, designed in Paris in the 1930s, and realised his stainless-steel interpretation of the table in the early 1980s.

Promemoria, always on the lookout for novelty and experimentation, further captured this dream and, thanks to an extensive research work, made it concrete, giving life to Orlando Furioso. With skilful mastery, Promemoria introduced brass into the project, a metal that shines with a warm and elegant light.

The ductility of the material does indeeed reveal itself through the processing employed, called “fiorettatura” (lit. “flower grinding”), carried out by a machine that engraves rotating discs in alternating movements on a single brass plate.

Promemoria’s skill and fine intuition lie in the innovative application for ornamental and decorative purposes of a workmanship widely used in the industrial sector, that is the “fiorettatura”, with the result of a strong visual impact.

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Moreover, Promemoria’s artisanal guise, along with the painstaking attention to every single detail that defines it, are emphasized in the undertop, finely upholstered in leather. Orlando, like any extraordinary piece, it is able to adapt to the different needs of an interior, in fact, far from being a mere accessory, is the real protagonist of the home: its brass finish turns into an armor, a gleaming shield for the fearless warrior, and its golden circles, resembling exotic and precious leaves, make him a dynamic hero, always striving in search for Beauty.

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