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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 24 April 2024

Images courtesy of Depeña Studio

Fusion of art, science and technology

With his trademark signature of seamlessly fusing together art, science, and technology – artist Ivan Toth Depeña (Depeña Studio) is excited to launch Photon/s, a concept-driven public art installation in the heart of downtown Charlotte, NC. Commissioned by Duke Energy, the Charlotte-based energy holding company, Photon/s is located at their new headquarters and symbolizes their contributions to the city and its electric cultural scene.


Presented by Som Santoso

Inspired by the microscopic elementary particle it’s named after, Depeña created Photon/s to encapsulate the dynamism and ethereal beauty of light particles through its groundbreaking sculptural form and pays homage to the essence of light and energy. A two-part installation featuring two massive sculptures and a four-story illuminated facade panel, each sculpture reaches towards the sky with intricate armatures radiating outward in a breathtaking 30-feet diameter display. Atop these armatures are mesmerizing light points crafted from blinking state-of-the-art LED endpoints, which are encapsulated in solid, frosted acrylic extrusions, capturing and mimicking the dance of fast-moving photons in perpetual motion, while the facade features an inverse shadow of the free-standing sculptures connecting them together against the Duke Energy headquarter building.

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