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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 03 September 2021

Text & images courtesy of Paola Colombari Gallery

A Contemporary Exhibition, Milan

The Paola Colombari Gallery inaugurates on the occasion of the Milan Design Week during the Milan Furniture Fair 2021 the group exhibition entitled “2021 Art Design & Contemporary Art” curated by Paola Colombari in collaboration with Neia Paz.

Marilù S.Manzini – Marylin

The trend-setter in Art Design, presents some pieces of the new contemporary trend by Brazilian designers Ronald Sasson, Leo Capote, Alê Jordão, Adriana Fortunato and Caterina Fumagalli with the Fibra Research brand and Italians Antonio Cagianelli and Alessandra Roveda. The exhibition also includes works by Brazilian artists such as Andrea de Carvalho and Monica Silva, German photographer Uli Weber, American photographer Tom Vack and artist, writer and filmmaker Marilù S. Manzini.

Andrea de Carvalho

Paola Colombari Gallery
via Maroncelli 13 (internal courtyard) 20154 Milan
Opening : 7 September from 18.00- 21.30
Open: 7 – 30 September 2021 from 12.00-19.00
Reservations required at :

Monica Silva – Lullaby

Paola Colombari has been part of the birth of Design collecting since the 1990s, participating in the first edition of the Design Week founded by Interni, and since then every year she punctually organises a research exhibition dedicated to the avant-garde of Art Design, the new frontier of designer experimentation in the last ten years.

Tom vack – Double Visions Chicago

The Brazilian designer Ronald Sasson presents the new sculptural chair “Chair Fluid Wood 1” in laminated plywood (a technique from the 1950s/60s). The Guajuvira laminate wood is originally from Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil while the base is a block of honeycomb concrete.

Uli Weber – triptych Stasi-Zentrale

Brazilian sculptor and designer Leo Capote presents the “Machado Au Au” seat-stool, a work of art design carved from the trunk of a tree and the base with an axesin copper finish.

Brazilian designer Alê Jordão presents “Neon Balls + t” lamps made of glass bubbles, neon with a tripod base in stainless steel. He is also the idealist of urban cultural and artistic projects and transformations of the urban fabric.

Presented by Zipblind

The creative duo Adriana Fortunato and Caterina Fumagalli, who have turned upcycling into a field of experimentation for textile art with the Noloom Collection signed by FIBRA research, present the “6.3 ARMCHAIR“ armchair, a Fiber Art Design project made by 6 hands that unites 3 different cultures and places in the world. It is the result of the fusion of two fascinating projects: the design of the iconic Orixá Armchair, inspired by the imagery of African divinities in the Afro-Brazilian culture by the well-known designer Ronald Sasson and the upcycling of Fiber Art Design by Fibra Research. The “Fiber Art Design Exhibition” at the Paola Colombari Gallery will also include two tapestries from the NOLOOM collection that represent the result of an innovative interpretation of the artefact.

Antonio Cagianelli, well-known designer and forerunner of the avant-garde New Dada and Pop trends, presents the “Pyramid“ coffee table in wood with ceramic applications made by Cristiani Pavimenti D’Autore. The “Sphinx” mirror and the new “Sphinx” ceramic seats are also dedicated to Egypt. Also on show is the new “Sphinxes” vase made by Ceramiche Gialletti of Deruta.


This year the Italian Art Designer and Artist Alessandra Roveda presents crocheted works of some ancient Sovereigns and Queens including the beautiful sculpture of the Egyptian Queen “Nefertiti Miope”. The artist assigns knitting the role of absolute protagonist of her surrealist art.


The Brazilian artist Andrea de Carvalho presents the great Tapestry “Nothing is as it seems” a unique work in third-firing ceramic, fabrics, mirrored steel, mirror, photographs, crystal. Also on show are the new sculptures dedicated to Scylla and Charybdis in third- firing ceramic “Untitled 1” and with black earth “Untitled 2”.


Brazilian photographer Monica Silva presents Lullaby, a portrait inspired by Caravaggio’s “Rest during the Flight into Egypt”, the original of which is in the Doria Pamphilj Gallery in Rome.

A. Cagianelli

The well-known German photographer Uli Weber presents the triptych “Stasi- Zentrale in Berlin-Lichtenberg 1,2,3” from an unpublished photographic work made in Berlin in 2014 photographing the furnishings of the Stasi (Ministry of State Security, the main security and espionage organisation of the former GDR). The triptych participated in the BLOCKS exhibition at the Museo Riso in Palermo curated by Daniela Brignone (Art Historian) and Daniela Brignone (Historian).

Leo Capote

Tom Vack, renowned American Design and Fine Art photographer, presents the 2018 photographic works “Double Visions | CHICAGO DV.100 “ and “Double Visions DV.60 MILAN “. Marilù S. Manzini artist, writer and director presents the work Marilyn Monroe made with a wool on canvas technique.

Chair Fluid – Ronald Sasson

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