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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 16 March 2023

Images courtesy of Oluce

Oluce Presents The New Berlin, Floor Lamp by Christophe Pillet

A study in light that transforms living spaces, lamps conceived as decorative elements that are captivating when they’re on and dazzling when they’re off. For over seventy years, Oluce has been creating design icons that distribute value by rendering not only function but also emotion and beauty.

Announcing its participation at Euroluce, Oluce will be taking part with a stand that reconfirms the company’s collaboration with architect Ferruccio Laviani. The very strong architectural references of the stand envelope will be defined by careful use of colour, studied to define domestic zones and display areas that tell the story of the new products and collections. Within these spaces, the lamps will illuminate, decorate and express a true aesthetic and stylistic narrative. The products showcased will all be new projects conceived by Italian and international designers, indoor lamps that are the expression of a studied decorative aesthetic that shapes everyday environments with light.

A preview of new products for 2023 will be provided by a project that expands a family of lamps created a few years ago, an immediate Oluce Catalogue favourite: the Berlin Collection by French designer Christophe Pillet. This year the company showcases the new floor version that features the same elegant decorative presence that characterised the ceiling and wall versions.

The floor lamp version of Berlin comprises two thick metal rings and a slender profile that encloses two discs of frosted glass. These two discs are supported by a vertical thin tubular stem and can be rotated and directed to suit lighting needs. Berlin shows definite art deco inspiration in an anodised brass finish and a decidedly more contemporary look in a matt black finish and in the use of the LED light source.

In this new version, Berlin flaunts its sophisticated side thanks to both the choice of materials and its design, bringing light where it is needed and also inviting physical interaction with an object, making people the  conscious authors of their own light space, inviting them to calibrate it to suit their own personal requirements.

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Elegance and functionality, quality and dynamism of light, simple lines and fabulous materials make Berlin a timeless project that offers different lighting scenarios perfect for the domestic scenarios of everyday life. The Berlin family will not only be expanded by this new floor version; it will also be enriched with a new suspension lamp.

Alongside this important extension of the range, presentation will also be made of a new collection of lamps designed by Victor Vasilev, in what is his third collaboration with the company after the success of Superluna and Parallel, together with other new collections by Angeletti & Ruzza and other Italian designers. The company has also teased news regarding the iconic Atollo by Vico Magistretti, Oluce’s best-known lamp and a symbol of Italian design around the world.

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