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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 30 June 2023

Images and Text Courtesy of Nube Italia

Shapes of Living

This is Nube Italia’s new slogan that reflects the brand restyling guided by designer and architect Fabio Fantolino, new Art Director. A partnership, that between Nube and Fantolino, born of long-term collaboration and a shared approach to design and the future of living spaces that led to a rebranding process lasting nearly a year and a half.

Now, at the 2023 Salone del Mobile, Nube Italia is present with a collection that balances revivals from the past and new pieces, fruit of extended research into materials and the proper redefinition of the brand identity.

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In fact, standing out among the many innovations is the new logo designed in collaboration with Studio Labo which also lent its support in the coordinated image of the company. The result is a perfect marriage between Nube’s manufacturing capabilities and the design and architectural expertise of Fabio Fantolino, which work together to create a common approach for a style that is harmonious and sophisticated, and does not go unnoticed.

We liked the possibility of creating forms emanating from the idea of comfort. The double meaning of Shapes of Living and Shapes of Life seemed to us to be a good way of explaining our goal,” explains Fabio Fantolino. In other words, “to give form, to shape the home around the needs of the people who live there, while providing a contemporary look that is not a slave to trends, but works through them to define a unique, personal style.

Nube is able, in fact, to offer furnishings (both relaunched and new) that are aesthetically harmonious and beautiful, irrespective of current trends. Pieces capable of going beyond the fashion of the moment to endure over time, that distinguish themselves within contemporary tastes, but also transmit that sense of the past that is everlasting.

An example is the Landò sofa, revived from the Nube archives. A piece from the 1990s whose sleek lines are still very up-to-date, to which some slight changes were made in its proportions to better adapt it to the needs of today’s living rooms. With its new combinations of fabric and suede, Landò once again shines as a modern-day icon, definitively leaving behind its first 33 years.

Fabric and suede are the stars of the new Nube catalogue, offering unusual combinations together with the lacquer finishes and warm tones of the collections that will be presented at the Salone del Mobile. Among the new offerings, in addition to the Landò sofa, are the revivals of the Glove armchairs designed by Carlo Colombo and a series of allnew pieces, including the Lito and Ottavio tables, the Sailor sofa and the Bold collection.

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