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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 13 March 2024

Images courtesy of NODUS

Inspired by the Scarification Practices of Ethiopian Tribes

Young promising Ethiopia-born designer Abreham Brioschi has designed three rugs that will be presented during the 2024 fuoriSalone by NODUS. Two of them, Mursi and Suri, are inspired by the scarification practices of Ethiopian tribes.

The third is inspired by the most inhospitable area of Abreham land of origin: the Danakil depression, packed with sulfurous geysers and active volcanoes.

Out of the incredible colors of this “open-air hell”- ranging from cobalt to lava-red, through light blues, greens, yellows and oranges –

Abreham has chosen the warmest tones, to create a harmonious whole, an organic woollen shape suitable for the interiors.

The Dancalia (“Danakil” in Italian) rug is the result of the weaving and sculpting work of expert Nepalese artisans protected by the Rugmark ethical certification.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

DANCALIA Designed by Abreham Brioschi for NODUS
Rug in wool,
hand-knotted and hand-sculpted in Nepal.
Technique: Tibetan knot.
Quality: 100 knots per square inch.
Dimensions: diameter 250 cm (irregular).
Pile height: 10 to 20 mm.
Collection: NODUS High Design Rug.
Delivery time: 4 months.

“My works originated from the strong bond with my Ethiopian origins. I have often focused on the cultural and traditional practices of the people of the Omo Valley. The “Dancalia” (“Danakil”) carpet was born from a look further north, towards what is called the “Land of Fire” or Danakil Depression. The Danakil is an arid expanse of salt, with perpetually active volcanoes and sulfurous geysers that vary in color between green/yellow, blue/cobalt, and orange/red. Danakil is one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, but at the same time, it is very suggestive and fascinating. Creating a carpet inspired by a landscape was a new challenge for me, I let myself be carried away by instinct and my imagination. The colors of the carpet are inspired by the shades of geysers, but the choice to focus on warm tones is given by the desire to make it suitable for an interior design context.  I have always associated warm colors with the metaphor of “family” and “home”, so I decided to transform an inhospitable place like Danakil into a product, a piece of furniture, which embraces the gaze and enhances the environment”  – Abreham Brioschi –

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