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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 13 February 2024

Images courtesy of NEUTRA

PREVIEW Milan Design Week 2024

NEUTRA inaugurates its course into the Outdoor furniture world with LA GRANDE MURAGLIA OUTDOOR, designed by Mario Bellini. A new era in the sign of the charm of natural stone and the sculptural quality of design.

NEUTRA opens a new chapter in its history, expanding its boundaries in the world of outdoor design and exploring a new territory, where natural stone returns to its original habitat. The new Outdoor version of the prestigious collection La Grande Muraglia 2023“, designed by renowned architect and designer Mario Bellini, is a unique project, developed under the

Migliore+Servetto’s creative direction, contributes to the Made in Italy design culture, proposing an outdoor living experience conceived to withstand the passage of time without any compromise in terms of aesthetics and design.

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After the success of the indoor collection presented in April 2023, characterized by the fusion of elegance and solidity through the combination of a marble structure – the classic Roman travertine – and enveloping covers of seats, armrests, and backrests, NEUTRA is enthusiastic to present the new interpretation dedicated to outdoor spaces, to which a refined chaise longue element is added.

Features of the Outdoor Collection
The unprecedented La Grande Muraglia Outdoor” version, a unicum featuring for the first time a marble outdoor sofa and seating collection signed by a great master and conceived back in 1981, is distinguished by a Silver travertine structure that adds a touch of refined sobriety to any exterior ambiance. The choice of this natural stone of intense coloring and high porosity, cut to the counter to enhance its unique veining and treated with an open-pore brushed finish, makes each piece unique and timeless, as well as ensuring exceptional durability.

New elements in the collection include a three-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa, an armchair, and a chaise longue, designed to offer comfort and style in open-air living. The uprights and frame are identified with the pillars and lintel of an imaginary monumental building, contrasting with the soft, enveloping elements of the seat that embrace the body as if in a cuddle. The choice of materials for the removable upholstery, – waterproof polyurethane covered with resin-coated fiber and water-repellent polyester lining – and the fabric upholstery 100% recyclable of waterproof polypropylene cushions is equally essential: NEUTRA offers five fabric variants, Zaffiro, Matcha, Corallo, Terracotta and Tabacco, and guarantees customization upon request, even regarding the choice of stone for the structure, to match every style and atmosphere. The cushioning is easily removable from the structure in case it is necessary to store it in a protected and dry place during the winter months, leaving the architectural structure visible, which expresses its sculptural force in this version as well.

Mario Bellini, the creator of timeless beauty
The signature of Mario Bellini, a great master of contemporary design, gives this collection an aura of authenticity and refinement. His creations, which blend harmoniously with functionality and aesthetics, testify to NEUTRA‘s commitment to carrying on a tradition of excellence in the furniture world.

La Grande Muraglia 2023 was born from the desire to create majestic seating with the strength of great architectural works that defy time. The idea took shape back in 1981 from the collaboration between Mario Bellini and Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, and NEUTRA has brought it to life, now also for outdoor environments, maintaining its strength over time.

According to Bellini himself, even the outdoor version “imposes itself with prestige, not authority,” characterized by striking sculptural elements, matched with soft cushions that stand out thanks to fabric upholstery in different palettes in bright, vibrant tones, or more sober for a natural mood.

Emanuele Chicco Busnelli, son of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli of B&B Italia, now owner of NEUTRA, says, “I am proud to give new life to a project of great value, rediscovering from the past a contemporary and distinctive design, which takes shape thanks to the research and craftsmanship of NEUTRA.”

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