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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 30 August 2023

Images courtesy of Nanette De Kool

New Exhibitions At Rademakers Gallery And D/Dock
New Work To Be Launched During GLUE Amsterdam

Nanette de Kool graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago.  After years of experience as a designer and stylist in the fashion world, she started her own fashion label from Antwerp, Belgium. Back in The Netherlands she worked for textile pioneer ByBorre, where her love for 3D knits began.

Nanette loves working with circular 3D knits: remains like leftover textiles and yarns including production flaws. Imperfections are part of the creation; tactility and the texture of the fabric add to her visual language. She screen-prints, washes, cuts and then re-assembles the textile, creating new compositions. This leads to more depth in color, character, texture and story.

Next to wall-hangings Nanette also makes suspended screens, room-dividers and made-to-measure pieces.

Rademakers Gallery | Guiding The Future | No Waste ( 7 Sep – 25 Nov 2023)
Besides representing many female artists and designers, Rademakers Gallery has had sustainability as an important pillar from the very beginning. Meanwhile, social awareness is growing and thinking about a more responsible use of materials within the art and design world is becoming more and more obvious. The gallery’s artists and designers explore and experiment with reuse of materials, they think about reducing waste and how nature and humans can work together. This year’s exhibition, from 7 September to 25 November under the heading Guiding the Future, clearly shows where the creative makers are now.

Presented by Zipblind

Some artists depict awareness and behavioural change in brushstrokes or with luminous textiles, while others show us the beauty and value of what we classify as waste.

D/Dock | Tales from Beyond |Awakening from a Candy Life

‘We are awakening from a dream!
Like the candy house that trapped Hänsel & Gretel, the lifestyle promoted by our social media in the last 2 decades hides a gloomy side. The Western cities are a mirage in the middle of a planet ridden by wars, pollution, environmental threats, inhumanity, poverty, diseases and ugliness. Consumerism empties us from values, and depletes the globe of vital resources. Appearance and hedonism bring us loneliness and lack of empathy. As D/DOCK, we believe that design’s mission is to use our imagination to see reality with different eyes, to find small solutions capable of triggering the change, to build a new culture bringing back to us humanity, balance, respect for the planet, equality, dignity, empathy and true happiness.

During Glue Amsterdam (14 – 17 September) there will be a captivating program featuring an immersive installation, dinners and workshops. It is our mission as designers to use our imagination to see reality with different eyes, to find solutions capable of triggering change, and to build a new culture that embraces humanity, balance, respect for the planet, equality, dignity, empathy and true happiness.

And what better way to do so than inventing new tales, using ambiguity, fluidity, fuzziness, and contrast to inject in people a new awareness about our lives?

Pixel World by Nanette de Kool
Next to hosting a workshop, Nanette will launch a brand new hand-made piece (ca. 350 x 250 cm). With Pixel World Nanette de Kool wants to show that our real lives are so much richer than the sheer image of it. Behind a post or a reel, we can find depth stories and emotion. With her tapestry Nanette invites the viewer to see a close-up, until we can see through the pixelated world how it is presented to us. And even, you can also look at it from the opposite side, discovering a complete different view on the same reality. Soon images of Pixel World will be available.

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