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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 28 August 2023

Images courtesy of Museum MACAN

The St. Regis Jakarta Is The Official Partnership For The 2023 MACAN Gala (August 25, 2023)

As part of the road to the 2023 MACAN Gala, Museum MACAN held Art Bar Takeover at The St. Regis Bar Jakarta on 9 August 2023. This event is organized by The St. Regis Jakarta and Museum MACAN to officially announce their partnership for the 2023 MACAN Gala. The St. Regis Jakarta will be the Major Sponsor for 2023 MACAN Gala, which will happen on 25 August 2023. MACAN GALA is Museum MACAN’s annual fundraising event; it’s an evening of celebration of art and culture, with a goal to support the Museum’s education and community enrichment programs.

Art Bar Takeover Cocktails (clockwise)_ Kretek VSOP, Cognac Sazerac, Smoke _ Spicy | Gwon Osang, Thomson #100 (2020)

The Art Bar Takeover event invites guests to enjoy special cocktails prepared by The St. Regis Bar. While sipping the cocktails, guests are invited to explore the bar area, to experience a selection of artworks curated by BAIK ART, which includes works by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, Gwon Osang, Park Jihyun, Kenny Scharf, Nanan Kang, Restu Ratnaningtyas, and I Putu Adi Suanjaya (Kencut). These works are available for public viewing at The St. Regis Bar until 27 August 2023.

Installation view of works of Restu Ratnaningtyas and Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

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Aaron Seeto, Director, Museum MACAN, said, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with The St. Regis Jakarta to deliver the 2023 MACAN Gala. MACAN Gala is Indonesia’s leading art fundraising event. Proceeds from the Gala will go to the development of Museum MACAN’s education and community enrichment programs, such as school outreach programs including, visits for school children. The St Regis is one of Jakarta’s leading luxury hotels, and we are excited that our partners and patrons will experience the 2023 MACAN Gala in this extraordinary environment.”

Kenny Scharf, Turquoizy (2021) | Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, Gemel Sculpture No. 16 (2022) | I Putu Adi Suanjaya (Kencut), First Love (2022)

The St. Regis Jakarta is proud to support the 2023 MACAN Gala as the leading art fundraising event with the mission to educate and raise awareness on modern and contemporary art in Indonesia,” said Mark Lettenbichler, General Manager of The St. Regis Jakarta. “This initiative is aligned with our vision as a cultural theater, which features collaborations with the next generation of Indonesian artists. We hope that this highly anticipated celebration will generate positive influence to the community to appreciate and find inspiration in arts.”

Gwon Osang, Reclining Figure 1 (2020) | Nanan Kang, Long Long Time Flower (No. 23-06) (2023)

Restu Ratnaningtyas, Miniverse (2018-2023)

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