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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 20 September 2023

Images courtesy of Moroso

The M’Afrique Collection for the Exclusive Terrazza Biennale by Campari lounge.

Moroso is the star of the show at the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, which this year runs from August 30 to September 9. The Friuli-based brand is renewing its technical partnership with the showpiece international event and bringing its M’Afrique collection to the Terrazza Biennale by Campari lounge on the Venice Lido. This collection is a perfect blend of design, artistic inspiration and exceptional craftsmanship, the unmistakeable hallmarks of Moroso. Just a few short steps away from the red carpet and under the watchful eye of chef Tino Vettorello and Tino Eventi, the Terrazza Biennale by Campari lounge hosts the festival’s most exclusive events and parties. Every year, global superstars gather with the great and good of the industry to celebrate the stars of screen in an environment of refined beauty.

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From Dakar to the World
Moroso’s outdoor
M’Afrique collection, launched in 2009 and expanded over the years in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the global design industry, is entirely handcrafted at Atelier M’Afrique in Dakar, Senegal.

Tord Boontje’s Shadowy chaise longue draws its inspiration from the classic 1920s deckchairs that were ubiquitous around northern Europe. Dutch designer Boontje has reimagined them in a contemporary style that pays homage to the traditional African production process. The high back, armrests and seat that end with a curved flourish give the armchair the appearance of a modern-day throne, a marriage of cultures and inspirations that are usually thought to be light-years apart.


Modou is a range of four seats designed by Israeli artist and designer Ron Arad. The collection takes its name from the Dakar-based metalworker with whom he collaborated on these pieces, which draw inspiration from the dynamic image of a futuristic racing car. The unique curves of Modou are the result of a collaboration between two wildly different individuals. Modou produced the initial prototype, Arad seized a distant artisanal tradition and brought it into the international market, taking vastly different — almost opposing — concepts and blending them into a contemporary form.


Husk is a range of Marc Thorpe-designed chairs that draw their inspiration from the form of the ears of corn that are an integral part of the landscape of northern Italy, especially around the city of Udine. With Husk, Thorpe transforms an otherwise intricate and challenging form into a piece for everyday use, elegant yet functional.


Banjooli, designed by Sebastian Herkner, is inspired by the mating dance of male ostriches — banjooli in the Wolof language — who stretch out their wings to show off their beauty to the female. The range of furnishings includes armchairs, chairs and coffee tables.


Events at the Terrazza Biennale by Campari lounge
Among the events planned at the Terrazza Biennale by Campari lounge is Onore alle Donne (September 1), organised by Catalyst Studio, an opportunity to celebrate the talent, bravery and outstanding contribution of women to the film industry. Other events at the Terrazza Biennale by Campari lounge include events hosted by Eliseo Entertainment (September 3) and Bros Group (September 8).

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