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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 26 May 2023

Images courtesy of Moroso

Moroso’s language: between past and future, between industry and craftsmanship, between design and artistic expression.

During Milan Design Week 2023 (Fuorisalone 2023), Moroso at the historic showroom at 8/10 Via Pontaccio has introduced a new collection. The new collection shows a wonderful interaction between different languages.

New products: the Rows collection of storage furniture and tables, the Mr Loveland and Mr Loveseat upholstered system and armchair, the Pheaby and Getlucky upholstered chairs, the Theo coffee table, the Mangiafuoco coffee tables and centrepiece trays, the new Forest Wandering textile collection and significant range extensions, the Pacific modular sofa, the 7 playds updated with 4 new versions, Matrizia Sofa by Ron Arad and More-So

Through a skilful contamination between past and future, between industry and craftsmanship, between design and artistic expression, Moroso thus creates a language of its own, a distinctive style that, without denying its attraction to a subtly decorative approach, rejects retro temptations and moves away from the minimalism of rationalist and Scandinavian design. This ‘rediscovered’ modernity is conceptual before being aesthetic; a different vision of luxury and pleasant living made concrete by the focus on sustainability and the quality of materials and workmanship.

Here is the Moroso 2023 Collection:

ROWS COLLECTION – Collection of storage furniture and tables by Patricia Urquiola
With linear forms and clear-cut symmetries, the Rows collection by Patricia Urquiola is geometrical and minimalist, expressing a refined artistic concept. Doors, side panels and table bases are both formal and decorative. The curved milled edge running the length of the surface is inspired by the nature morte of Amédée Ozenfant, a French writer and painter who founded the Purism movement.


The storage series comprises four types of units, including two sideboards, a cabinet and a console table with drawers, designed for the dining and living space. The units are made from particleboard with an oak veneer finish, applied using a membrane press – a process that preserves the continuity of the grain and gives the furniture an artisanal feel, without hiding the industrial method of production. Urquiola also conveys the same expressivity of form in the two rectangular tables. Both pieces show a strong contrast between the solidity of structure, the graphic effect of the surfaces and the linearity of the table top, available in wood, back-painted glass or marble. The Vertical table, designed with a nod to classical architecture, brings to mind the fluting of a column. The sculpture influence is even more evident in Diagonal, a table whose perpendicular geometry and oblique lines add more movement to the structure.

Mr LOVELAND’ and Mr LOVESEAT – Upholstered system and armchair by Patricia Urquiola
Lowland and Lowseat, two seating systems designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso in 2000, are revised and ‘reused’ through a different approach to sustainability, which enhances an existing product by transforming it into an (ever)green piece.


In the Mr Loveland upholstered system, elegantly coherent with the original design, seats and backrests are softer and gentler, while the tubular steel has been replaced by solid wooden bases. The new design choices enhance the architectural qualities of the series while maintaining the sophisticated rationalist mood of this sofa, as a stand-alone piece or in a composition.
Meanwhile for Mr Loveseat this stylistic approach is even more intense and powerful. The solidity of the sofa base becomes lighter and more delicate in the leg, tapering out almost to nothing, in a game of captivating lightness. This is a structural solution that gives Mr Loveseat a strong, contemporary character. Bold and independent, it’s the perfect stand-alone piece, but can also be grouped with other chairs for use in public or community spaces.

PHEABY – Upholstered chair by Patricia Urquiola
The approach used to construct the upholstered chair Pheaby, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, presents as an unusual antagonism between artisanal design and industrial thought, which resolves itself in the pure structural efficiency of the components. The legs, with feet rather more similar to a carpenter’s trestle than those of a chair, support a softly-rounded seat with no sharp edges. Pheaby perfectly embodies the characteristics of its materials, revealing through versatility, subtlety and comfort the rational nature underlying the formal design choices.


THEO – coffee table by Patricia Urquiola
Through the gradual reduction of the decorative elements, Theo, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, is a reinterpretation of the early avant garde school of the 20th century.

Presented by Som Santoso

The construction borrows from the principles of neoplasticism by projecting a mini-architecture in scale. The wall becomes a partition used to break up the space, separate and reduce it to an abstract geometric sign before putting it all back together in a balanced play between full and empty, positive and negative. The result is a new structure with a glass top, through which our eyes and the light, can traverse and penetrate the space within.

GETLUCKY – Upholstered chair by Patricia Urquiola
An upholstered piece that extends the series of the dining armchair Getlucky, designed in 2020 by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso. The backrest, a distinctive feature of the original project, has been adapted to the frame of a solid wooden structure, the prelude to a future extension of the collection. Comfortable, generously-sized and welcoming, Getlucky lends itself to various types of upholstery, from velvet to elasticated fabric or even bouclé. This is a chair that adds a strong, contemporary feel to a dining, residential or public space.

MANGIAFUOCO – Coffee tables and centrepiece trays by Zanellato/ Bortotto
Mangiafuoco, or Fire-eater, a project by design duo Zanellato/ Bortotto for Moroso, an ordinary copper object coated with vitreous powders takes on an unexpected splendour and startling colours when fired at high temperatures, leaving the metal intact. This technique is used to create two round coffee tables and a pair of centrepiece trays, made unique by the processing of fire-enamelled copper with its elegant concentric shade.


THE 7 PLAYDS – 4 new models by Elena Sanguankeo
Presented for the first time in 2019, The 7 Playds, designed and produced by Elena Sanguankeo for Moroso, has been updated in 2023 with four new versions. The concept behind the project is still the same: it is a modern take on the manual technique of loom weaving, and experiments with the use of embroidery, floating threads, patchwork and selvedges to create new artisanal practices fully in keeping with textile tradition.


The effect is to give due recognition to ‘handmade’ and to loom-weaving in particular. It’s a project that invests in time, with the accent on craftsmanship and the elegance of materials.

PACIFIC – Modular sofa by Patricia Urquiola
A new element has been added, transforming the Pacific sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2021, into a modular system. The single central module can be arranged with others, between one and four times, to allow for different spatial layouts in homes or public spaces.


FOREST WANDERING – The new Moroso textile collection
A fabric collection offering the possibility to transform chairs and upholstered items into refined natural landscapes. With a decorative approach reminiscent of Impressionism, Patrizia Moroso perfects the work begun with the Front designers in parallel with the development of the Pebble Rubble system. With Forest Wandering, this effort extends to the search for new textile structures, exploring in depth not so much the colours as the tactile and material possibilities. The Arda knit is paired with wool and cotton bouclé, jacquard and roughened fabrics unexpectedly teamed with a toile de jouy wool and a recycled polyester print.

The colour scheme evokes a world in harmony with the colours of nature. The cooler tones of green and grey-blue hint at the scents of dewy woodland or the freshness of unspoilt lakes and seashores, while the warm reds and beiges bring us back to earth and autumnal atmospheres. The collection does not represent Nature itself, but the personal, private relationship each of us has with it.

Matrizia Sofa by Ron Arad and More-So
Matrizia sofa
has been introduced at ‘ill at ease’ itinerant happening halfway between an extravagant living room and an art exhibition by some of the industry’s most acclaimed artists in Milan. ‘ill at ease’ has exhibited digital creations and design works by some famous designer included the introduction of the limited edition Matrizia Sofa by Ron Arad and More-so. Then the sofa will be officially presented on 19 May 2023 at Moroso’s New York flagship on Madison Avenue during ICFF.

Matrizia Sofa

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