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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 06 December 2023

Images courtesy of Moooi

The Perfect Gifts to Indulge Yourself, Your interior, and Others

Our Extra O Collection Has Everything You Need

Sensorial room fragrances, comfy pillows, silk scarves, vases in all shapes and sizes and much more. Accessories are that little extra in your home or personal style that add authenticity. Your personal touch makes your home or day-to-day outfit come alive and stand out from the ordinary. The Extra O Collection adds those small, but essential, personal touches of creative luxury to your life.

Comprising multisensory accessories in bold colours and imaginative prints,
The Extra O Collection embodies the same beauty and uniqueness Moooi stands for, but at different price points. The look and feel of all The Extra O designs offer the same signature unexpected welcome as any other design from Moooi. The perfect gifts to indulge yourself, your interior and others.

Also perfect for gifting are the Extinct Animals bedding and bath collections and lighting designs. Thanks to their timeless characters they can find their way into any home.

By popular demand: a set of five Extinct Animal Enamel Pins. The pins are made from soft enamel that allows for more intricate designs. This set of pins is ideal as a gift to yourself or to others.

Extinct Animals Playing Cards
Play your cards right this festive season and get your gifts on time!

Play it cool and classy with the Extinct Animals playing 
cards. A premium deck adorned 
 with illustrations of the Extinct Animals and Plants! Not only does the deck boast custom artwork, 
 they also sport premium embossing and a high-quality finish for that luxurious hand-feel. The intricate details of the packaging and golden seal, gives the deck a magical finishing touch. Available in Moooi stores and

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Spa Day Every Day with our Bath Collection
Click this to discover the Extinct Animals bath collection.

Every day is spa day with the Extinct Animal bath collection. Wrap yourself in soothing softness with jacquard woven towels, bathrobes, and cotton sateen kimonos. Elevate your daily routine into a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Sweet dreams are made from Extinct Animals
Click this to discover the Extinct Animals bedding collection

The Extinct Animals bedding collection stands out because of its luxurious finishes. Embroidery on silk, cord piping, Oxford borders, beautiful buttons, and luxurious zippers. Everything you need to make your bedroom the most inviting space in your home.

Seasonal decor to celebrate the festive season!
Click this to discover the Extinct Animals Ornament collection

It’s the season to be joyous with our Extinct Animals Ornaments that will bring a smile to your face. With the Dwarf Rhino, Dodo Pavone, Bearded Leopard, Blushing Sloth, Armoured Boar, and Indigo Macaque you can create your own Menagerie of Extinct Animals. Hang them in your tree or gift them to your loved ones. Each
 Extinct Animal is expertly crafted to bring your holiday decorating to the next level.

Decorative pillows for that final touch
Click this to discover the Pillows collection

Butter-soft velvet, cooler-than-cool denim, lush wools and silks with embroidery in eclectic patterns and bold prints. Pillows for any interior and any style.

Moooi x EveryHuman
Bespoke Room Fragrance Experience fuelled by AI

Say goodbye to generic fragrances and embrace a personalised scent journey with Moooi  x EveryHuman. Start by answering unique, mood inspired questions to spark your creativity. Then, let advanced AI technology craft a one-of-a-kind room fragrance formula based on your personality. A state-of-the-art fragrance printer brings this formula to life, creating a scent that captures your essence. Discover a room fragrance as unique as you, engaging all your senses and guiding you on a journey of self-discovery. Available on, Moooi Store Amsterdam, and Moooi Store New York.

Cosy candlelight to light up the dark days
Click this to discover candlelight collection

Nothing says cosy like candlelight. The Bold Candleholders will let your rooms bathe in a soft light from its distinguished silhouette. The noble appearance and high precision in production make the Bold Candleholders genuine works of art, created with very little wastage.

Luxury silk scarves to spruce up your daily wear
Click this to discover the Scarves collection

Add an essential statement piece to any outfit with our 100% silk scarves with prints inspired by nature. The scarves can be worn however you like, around your neck, at the waist, as a top, tied to your bag, or in your hair. A silk scarf is the most versatile gift to can surprise someone with.

Beautiful flowers deserve a beautiful vase!
Click this to discover vase collection

The Killing of the Piggy Bank represents a digital age of currency and the approach to extinction for physical money. The vase illustrates the exact moment the piggy bank is struck. The Killing of the Piggy Bank, just like
the Delft Blue vases pictured below, is produced at ‘Royal Delft’, the original producer of the beautiful Delft Blue ceramics since 1653.

Not your ordinary table lamps
Click this to discover Pet Lights collection

Uhuh, Purr, Noot Noot, & Grwoww are a series of table lamps byMarcel Wanders Studio. Each pet has its very own personality and characteristics, but they’re all rounded, endearing and elegant.

For when the days grow darker
Click this to discover lighting design collection

October, November, and December… the months when the days grow shorter and we spend more time inside. During these times, it’s more important than ever to have cosy and sufficient lighting in our homes. With their timeless characters, the Serpentine Light by Front, NomNom Light by Odin Visser, Flock of Light by Studio Toer, and Plié Plissé Light by Lukas Bazle
are the perfect companions for those dark days.

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