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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 10 August 2021

Text by S&C, images courtesy of Mingardo

Exhibition & Auction by Christie’s

Daniele Mingardo, head of homonymous metallic carpentry, has invited ten internationally acclaimed designers to support the mario negri pharmacological research institute IRCCS.

The ten candleholders will be auctioned in a charity event organized in collaboration with Christie’s Italia, the proceeds of which will be entirely donated to the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute IRCCS.

Jaime Hayon

On display, ten candleholders (unique pieces) by Federica Biasi (art director of Mingardo), Michele De Lucchi, Jaime Hayon, Philippe Malouin, Alberto e Francesco Meda, Luca Nichetto, Panter & Tourron, Matteo Thun, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders Studio.

The exhibition is curated by Federica Sala

September 5th to 10th 2021
Piazza Luigi Vittorio Bertarelli, 4 – Milano
Openg from 10 AM – 6 PM

Wednesday September 15th 2021
c/o Mariencò
Via Ampola, 18 – Milano

With over fifty years of expertise in metalworking, Mingardo, an Italian design and craftsmanship brand, is proud to actively take part in the fight against cancer with “A flame for research”, a fundraising initiative in support of the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute IRCCS.

Daniele Mingardo

The idea was envisioned by Daniele Mingardo, head of the homonymous metal carpentry, following a personal experience: “In 2013, my mother left us because of pancreatic cancer. She used to work here at the workshop, alongside my father and me. It was a few years ago, and now I finally have the chance to do something meaningful for someone, just as I would have appreciated if this had happened to my mother. And I am willing to make a concrete gesture by doing what I do best: being a blacksmith.”

How is it possible to contribute to the fight against cancer in a tangible way, when your area of expertise does not involve scientific skills? The answer to this question is in the name of the project itself: “A flame for research”. This fundraiser was conceived as a flame to fuel the research fire and a symbol of hope.

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“A collective project, immediately and enthusiastically embraced by everyone, which demonstrates how we can concretely be part of that committed, civil society that we need today. Ten beautifully crafted candleholders, to support the research of the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute IRCCS, he non-profit organization that has been active in the field of biomedical research since 1961, choosing not to patent its own discoveries, but to make them available for the advancement of science and patient health”, says the curator of the project Federica Sala.

Even the choice of the most suitable object for a similar mission is not accidental. The candleholder does not protect just any element, but it guards fire. It carries something that has been recreated countless times in the most disparate places in the world and in ever-changing ways: the flame. This object is also the bearer of a message of hope, a positive attitude of mind, bringing confidence in the future. Starting from this concept, each designer has contributed to the initiative with his own language and poetry by ideating a one-of-a-kind piece that interprets the concept in an original way. The collection of candleholders showcases a variety of styles that communicate with each other organically and are enhanced by the excellent craftsmanship of Mingardo.

Daniele Mingardo, Federica Biasi, dan Federica Sala

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