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Milan Design Week 2023 – Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby


Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 29 May 2023

Images courtesy each respective brand

Largo for Marsotto Editions, Tamburound for Cassina, Tortello for B&B Italia, Paddle for Olivari

During Milan Design Week 2023, British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have revealed new collections for four globally renowned Italian brands. Collaborating for the first time, the designers have created Largo – a new series of marble tables for Marsotto Editions which was showcased in a dedicated exhibition in the brand’s Brera Showroom, and Tamburound a new dining chair for Cassina. Expanding the Paddle collection, Olivari launched the new Paddle door knob.  For long-term collaborators, B&B Italia, Edward and Jay have designed Tortello – a new sofa and armchair.

Tortello for B&B Italia
Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby
continue their long standing collaboration with B&B Italia with the launch of a new upholstered seating, Tortello. Consisting of a generously proportioned and sculptural sofa and armchair, Tortello is an informal and hugely comfortable range. The sculptural form expresses comfort and softness, enticing the sitter to relax and unwind. In contrast, the flat straight back features with precise stitching detail gives the form definition.

As the collection’s name suggests, its voluminous form takes inspiration from Tortello – a pasta from the Lombardy region of Italy, which is folded into a plump and curvaceous shape.

The new three-seater sofa and armchair will be available in a variety of colours and finis

Tamburound dining chair for Cassina
Collaborating for the first time, Edward and Jay have designed a new chair for Cassina which challenges the formality of the traditional dining chair.

Movement, a recurring theme found across the studio’s portfolio of work, was the foundation of the collection. The backrest and seat cushion rotate independently from one another creating  a new and unique seating archetype for dining chairs, encouraging a more dynamic interaction between diners.

Presented by Melandas Indonesia

Suitable for residential and hospitality environments, the chair features an upholstered cylindrical seat and curved backrest connected by a powder coated aluminium spine.

Paddle door knob for Olivari
Expanding the Paddle collection, Olivari presented a new family of addition of collection called Paddle door knob. Starting from brass bars, forged, machined, sanded, polished, chromed and laser marked.

Largo – a new series of marble tables for Marsotto Editions
Launched in a dedicated exhibition in Marsotto Editions’ Brera Showroom, Largo is a new series of crafted marble tables designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, comprising a dining table, low table and two side tables.

In designing the collection, Edward and Jay took inspiration from the urban architectural surroundings of Marsotto’s Milan showroom situated on Largo Claudia Treves. The triangular monolithic bases locate into the table surface with a circular element, a detail that is visible from the top surface. Shown in Black Marquina and Verde Alpi,  Largo will also be available in an additional choice of marbles and finishes including White Carrara and Roman Travertine.

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