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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 19 April 2023

Text and images courtesy of Maruni

A Wooden Chair Version & New Subtle Colors

In 2023, Maruni will be back at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 (Hall 4 Stand C6-8) presenting additions to EN: a completely wooden chair version and new subtle colors for both chairs and tables.

The EN collection, designed by world renowned Danish designer Cecilie Manz, makes the perfect pairing of common sensitivity between Maruni and the designer, now enriched with a completely wooden chair version and new subtle colors for both chairs and tables.
A wooden chair is kind of an archetype in the family of furniture. It needs to be there, it’s the ’normal’ chair. Now we are including a solid wood seat version to the collection, in a natural finish as well as in colours: a strong rusty red, a pale dusty green, an almost-white clay inspired tone and a black”, says Cecilie Manz.

Manz’ affectionate relationship with Japan and connection with the world of design has deep origins: being exposed to the creation of functional objects during her life and having the opportunity to visit Japan since the 70’ties, affected both her personal and professional growing. This is why she represents the perfect match with Maruni.

The company has its strenght in the balance between industrialized processes and craftsmanship: this represents an important joining line between Japanese and Scandinavian culture, both attentive to the value of traditions, materials and aesthetics. A common thread between the designer’s work and Maruni is also wood: the Japanese company achieved an important know-how on how to work this material, which is also one of Cecilie Manz’ peculiarity, as she explains: “The right material at the right place, this is a motto. Wood is unbeatable in furniture: warm appearance, soft touch, a beautiful material.”

Thus, the EN collection was born: with a name meaning “one” in Danish and “a circle”, “connection” or “destiny” in Japanese, the series “has the goal to try to create ‘good design’: something useful, aesthetical and for the long term.” – says Cecilie Manz.

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The chair has a curved backrest that reminds of the ancient Greek klismos, and the legs are characterised by a loop frame, giving a sense of continuity and creating a balanced soft-sharp appearance. Great attention was given to the coziness of the chair: “With the EN chair, I focused on making a chair with good comfort, without it being too voluminous or taking up a lot of space. The back rest allows to rest arms on it. This detail makes it suitable for both dining and meeting situations where a relaxed atmosphere is wished”.

The round table in maple wood, paired with the chair, has rounded motifs that give a welcoming allure: “a round table gives rise to a certain atmosphere and a sense of ‘being
together’. A table is such a vital piece of furniture: many situations in our everyday life unfold around a table: dining, playing, working, spending time with family and friends.
” – explains the designer.

Thanks to its clear design, refined aesthetics and high comfort, the EN collection is suitable for domestic use, as well as cafès, restaurants and meeting rooms.

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