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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 29 March 2024

Images courtesy of Living Divani

Contemporary Installations that Seamlessly Blend with Existing and Iconic Pieces

Original geometries are intertwined to compose new elements, becoming part of the Living Divani collection. The objects have a single common denominator, a soft and refined living concept that transforms the brand’s style into a true philosophy of comfort.

Each designer leaves a mark, a sign that becomes part of the Living Divani proposal; entities that naturally blend with the existing pieces, new and iconic, allowing heterogeneous and extremely contemporary installations and sharing the stylistic fil rouge of the brand.

“Our objects are the letters of our alphabet. They have different shapes, curves, and signs but each of them is indispensable for us. Why? Our collection is our book, our way of expressing ourselves, our nature.” –  Carola Bestetti – CEO Living Divani –

Ile Club Outdoor – design Piero Lissoni
A clear and defined base to support enveloping and majestic padding. Already known geometries now appear in different clothes, structured and employed outdoors. Ile Club, designed by Piero Lissoni in 2007, is the stylistic detail with eternally contemporary lines, an upholstered item able to evolve innovating, while maintaining its unmistakable rigor.

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Halfsquare – design Giacomo Moor
A family of modules, which vertically develop, alternate open parts with drawers. A square base gives life to a structure that intersperses full and empty, culminating in a practical shelf, together with intimate and discreet drawers, disguised by the external surface. Light and ethereal metal frames, built with vertical uprights with triangular sections, overlap with wooden monoliths. There are two different heights of dresser and metal boxes that allow, starting from the low version “bedside table”, to grow upwards, creating different configurations and types of storage units. Discretion and functionality distinguish the new project by Giacomo Moor for Living Divani.

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