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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 09 July 2024

Images courtesy of Living Divani

Presents its Novelties – Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024
An 800-square-meter exhibition space welcomes the Living Divani stand, an environment conceived in industrial, extremely contemporary, and avant-garde style, that becomes home.

The direction of Piero Lissoni, Living Divani’s designer and Art Director, tells the story of the brand’s great versatility through upholstered and complementary furniture that can be delicately inserted into different environments.

“A very precise architectural scale, an industrial use of materials. This year the space does not look like a simple stand but like a building with a semi-transparent and metallic façade. A rhythm made visible by light as if it were caged in a giant lamp; it is the play of chiaroscuro that marks the time of everything.” – Piero Lissoni, Art Director –

Living Divani Gallery
Two forces, two energies that condense giving life to an attractive and captivating illusive motion through the mix of two colours, black and white, that never meet but, coexist to perfection, invite the eye to dwell on the generated design.

Optical effects, signs that gradually constitute a true language, a relation for which the objects inherent in the space become the signifiers, transforming Living Divani Gallery, on the occasion of the Milano Design Week, into a book narrating the interpretations ascribable to the message.

Semiotics is the sign, the colour, the graphic code, the transposition of the ideas on the objects, and, from there, all the resulting visions, arising from the forms and the dichotomy of black and white in the space.

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Spotti Milano
Blending different souls, and combining different styles into one identity, Living Divani collaborates with Spotti on the occasion of the Milano Design Week exhibition with a setting born from a careful selection by David Lopez Quincoces, a Spanish designer who collaborates in both realities. The exhibition space presents iconic elements of Living Divani’s evolution in dialogue with novelties to give rise to a stylistic unicum which is rich and heterogeneous yet symphonic as a whole.

An installation in one of the windows creates a magic box, an exclusive corner where the most significant products in the showroom, posing as an inspirational combination of design and contemporary furniture.

Where we were @ Milano Design Week 2024
The Milano Design Week 2024 allowed Living Divani to create creative and synergic partnerships, aimed at expressing its unique style and refined soul at its best, such as the one with Modulnova, Atlas, Rimadesio, and Lualdi, who chose a selection of the brand’s products for the setting of their stands and exclusive locations during the Fuorisalone. The Milanese dealer bredaquaranta also dedicated wide space to Living Divani’s outdoor furniture proposal, with platforms furnished with iconic models flanked by the new Kasumi armchair, designed by the duo Mist-o.

In addition to its presence at the fair, the 2024 edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano once again saw Living Divani products furnish the Red Lounge, whose set-up project was curated by Studio Lissoni. Numerous models were chosen to characterise this space, including the Confident and Gray armchairs and Kiwi and Ile tables. For the Salone Satellite, on the other hand, two large and refined Pasticca compositions have been selected, upholstered furniture designed by Piero Lissoni, perfect for relaxation and conversation.

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