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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 03 July 2023

Images and Text Courtesy of Living Divani

Piero Lissoni, David Lopez Quincoces, Giacomo Moor, Marco Lavit

Research, inspiration, design. Living Divani presents the new 2023 collection with elements characterized by their own identity, which perfectly integrate with the products in catalogue, in combinations able of interpreting different needs. Objects that contribute to defining not only an aesthetic quality but also a material uniqueness and a functional role within the domestic landscape. Pure geometries delineate complementary furnishing in which elegance and refinement, dynamism and sobriety synthesize tradition and innovation. Neutral colours, sophisticated details and natural finishes prevail, interpreted with contemporary taste and aesthetics.

SUMO bed and bench by Piero Lissoni
The Sumo collection consisting of sofas, in the two variants with horizontal and lenticular base, armchairs, dormeuse, bench and coffee table, enlarges this year with a single or double bed and a new bed bench. New elements that respond to an ever-expanding idea of comfort, where the adjustable mechanism of the moving backrest, first developed on the sofa and now available for the headboard of the bed, perfectly interprets the new attitudes and rituals of body and mind. A skillful mix of materials such as woods and marbles, leathers and refined fabrics, in a world of suggestions where tailoring is the real protagonist.


The Sumo family has to expand every year, so we have added a series of benches that could go a bit everywhere, in the day and in the night. In the night also because Sumo welcomes an important piece of the family: it turns into a bed! It has a headboard with movement … When you don’t want to see it is very low, but when the headboard moves it becomes important, I think also very comfortable. It develops into a special island. And here the role of the bench comes back, I really like beds that dialogue with benches. So somewhere we added this additional element, straddling day and night.Piero Lissoni

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CLAN sofa by Piero Lissoni
Further expansion of the collection is the Clan sofa, which joins the family of armchairs, 2 characterized by curved outlines Alta and Bassa and 2 by squared shapes Grande and Piccola, to offer a concrete answer in the sign of elegance, quality of materials and details. A sofa defined by a high backrest with rounded line, pure and rigorous, which embraces people in a convivial dialogue, ensuring their intimacy.


Clan automatically had to expand, when we made the armchairs, we immediately wondered why a sofa hadn’t already jumped out. The sofa is a great bean and gives you the opportunity to sit in different ways: if you sit in the center, it’s very deep and you can get a little bit more comfortable, if you sit on the sides instead it forces you to be very neat. Piero Lissoni

ARK armchair by David Lopez Quincoces
Expression of the beauty of a living and natural material such as wood, the Ark armchair designed by David Lopez Quincoces is defined by a simple and pure line. Wood, a vehicle of expressiveness, is worked and curved to create a dynamic yet harmonious shape with timeless charm, playing in contrast with the metal rod legs. The armchair designed and presented for the first time for Six Gallery, a workshop and birthplace of ideas for a number of pieces by David Lopez Quincoces, now enters the Living Divani catalogue as a sculptural furnishing, enchanting for its strong personality.


The idea was to make an object-like armchair, Ark, that was almost like a graphic sign, where the curved line meets the straight one defining a profile, a seat and a backrest.David Lopez Quincoces

RAILWAY storage unit by Giacomo Moor
Railway is a storage unit that alternates open parts with closed compartments. It is characterized by a square-section metal rod that, when rotated by 45°, becomes a railway for the shutter to slide. The formal synthesis and essentiality of the product conceal a series of technical solutions to ensure the perfect parallelism between the shelves and to manage the encounter between uprights and beams. Conceived in two different heights: in the lower version it can be a simple storage or a TV cabinet, in the two-level one a sideboard serving the dining table.

Railway is the result of research around industrial semi-finished products that has been with me for a long time and that has seen Living Divani as the perfect partner both for its integrity of sign and language and for its ability to solve technical complexities.Giacomo Moor

PARADIGMA mirror by Marco Lavit
Living Divani enriches its collection of accessories with Paradigma, the new mirror signed by the designer Marco Lavit. The inspiration is the Vitruvian grid: the roundness of the mirror surface accommodates four guiding axes along which different wooden accessories can be inserted to complete its functionality. The mirror system can allow for a more symmetrical or asymmetrical interpretation, depending on the positioning of the elements themselves, with the possibility of having a customisable, intimate, made-to-measure product.


A mirror is the extra window in a room. Paradigma makes this window both domestic and functional.Marco Lavit

Console ALVEA by Marco Lavit
Alvea is a triangular console that sublimates woodworking; the beauty of the material, enriched by the continuous grain of the sloping sides in contrast of the “carabottino” surface, where the wood essence embraces a new materiality. The transparency and the play of light and shadow of the top, highlight the cavity of the wooden volume that finds stability thanks to the metal crosspieces which are the only floor supports. A new object, a piece of furniture that joins with character the Living Divani catalog.


Designed with the same attention to detail that characterized the manufacturing, each element making up Alvea becomes necessary for the whole.” Marco Lavit

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