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Les Ephémères de Cyril Kongo, Jakarta


Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 02 December 2019

Curatorial Text by Chabib Duta Hapsoro, images courtesy of dgallerie

Kongo’s Studio: 17 Oct 2019 – 17 Jan 2020 Galleria Grand Hyatt Level 3 Unit No. H011, Jakarta

D Gallerie is proud to initiate a new pop-up space at Plaza Indonesia this project is our vision to reach out and open up to the chance of new opportunities— unexpected yet fruitful encounters from a broader audience.

Cyril Kongo

As our first project, we present the works of an artist who is been working with us for quite some time since 2010. An important figure from the graffiti scene of Paris: Cyril Kongo this collaboration is an important implementation of Kongo’s vision to disseminate ideas in his works. Kongo’s graffiti is not only present on the streets but now embodied with other mediums and materials. Thus, his ideas about freedom, love, and humanity can be widely spread. Kongo’s multicultural background made him travel frequently, meeting people with diverse background and making the messages in his works universal.

L’amour Passionel, Mixed Media on French Linen | 198,5 x 198,5 | 2017

Colored Life, Mixed Media on French Linen | 150 x 150 | 2016

This presentation Is A Part Of Kongo’s
Les Ephémères project which he did in 2017. Les Ephémères is a manifestation of Kongo’s character; a man who is always going out of his own comfort zone. He did some sort of a conceptual intervention by doing a residency at an old building in Paris for a month. During the residency period, he invited anyone to go see and have a conversation with him. there the audience can see and experience Kongo’s day to day art practice, directly observing how Kongo experimenting with medium and material to create an ever-relevant piece to the changing times. —

3 Mars, Mixed Media on French Linen | 150 x 150 | 2016

In Search Of The Excellence
Cyril Kongo’s body of work is marked by his experiences and his vision of life. after painting in the streets for more than 30 years and working so that graffiti can be perceived differently, this artist is now considered as a pioneer who understood how to break the codes and build something new through his contemporary and “Avant-Garde” point of view. His influences are multicultural, his level of excellence and his capacity to create new bridges between opposite worlds has forged his style and career.

La Luz del Fuego, Mixed Media on French Linen | 100 x 100 | 2019

Cyril Kongo has been able to associate his name with excellence, abundance, and virtuosity. He comes from a marginalized environment that has been set aside of the institutionalized art industry but today this visionary artist is known internationally. His singular universe and his strong identity gave him the opportunity to collaborate with the most prestigious names of fashion such as Hermès, Chanel, Richard Mille but also with luxurious brands based on art craftsmanship such as La cornue, Pinel&Pinel, Atelier Victor, Daum

Kongoism, Mixed Media on French Linen | 100 x 100 | 2019

Presented by Som Santoso

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2009 Street Heart, Tokyo Art Club, Palais De Tokyo, Paris, France | Le tag Au Grand Palais – Collection Gallizia, Grand Palais, Paris, France | Mac Hexagonade, Pol’N, Nantes, France |Thomas Lélu_Works with Kongo, Galerie Dominique Fiat, Paris, France, | FiaC, Cour Carrée Du Louvre, Galerie Dominique Fiat, Paris, France Galerie Dominique Fiat, Paris, France.

2008 Infusion, Bochum, Allegmane | Mac Sous Le Granit De 68, Kosmopolite, Bagnolet, France | Hip Hop Dôme, Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis.

2007 Graffiti Consumption, Bienalle Bi-City Hong Kong – Shenzen, China | Moleskine City NoteBook Exhibition, Hong Kong, China.

2006 Moleskine City NoteBook Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan.

2003 Mac Crew, Groeninge Museum, Bruges, Belgique.

2002 Ombre et LumIère, Taxie Gallery, Paris, France.

2000 Calli-graff, La Laiterie, Centre Européen Jeune Création, Strasbourg, France.

French Kiss, Mixed Media on French Linen | 100 x 100 | 2019

Jet Set, Mixed Media on French Linen | 100 x 100 | 2019

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