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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 20 June 2024

Images courtesy of LABÒ

Milan Design Week 2024

The LABÒ Cultural Project, spearheaded by The Design Blender – the curatorial duo Francois Leblanc Di Cicilia and Elsa Lemarignier – celebrated its second edition from 15 to 18 April 2024 at the gates of Milan’s Barona district, near the inspiring SPA Company Antibiotic Products architecture and the annexed Fondazione Rodolfo Ferrari.

LABÒ is a place dedicated to experimentation, where designers, architects, artists, and artisans have the opportunity to discuss new research topics and creation processes: from raw materials to prototypes, up to the finished product, and then to the collectible design. LABÒ is the answer to urgent reflections on contemporary living, the incubator of pure projections, and the inspirational union of knowledge shared by industry professionals.

There were many innovations for MDW2024, an edition that involved some of the most important French institutions, such as JAD Jardin des métiers d’Art et du Design in Sèvres, which since 2022 has been the center for the hybridization of knowledge born from the Hauts-de-seine department.

The collective Vibrations d’Insieme with the support of the French Institute and sponsored by DCW Éditions, has seen objects become a code of access to our understanding of everyday life, in which the carefully selected shapes are symbols that evoke feelings of unity, resilience, and solidarity.

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Its mixture of design and craftsmanship has been confirmed by none other than the City of Paris through the BDMMA Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d’Art, which demonstrated its support for 11 talented youths at Les Ateliers de Paris.

A special thanks go to all the designers, companies, and institutions that have made the 2024 edition of the LABÒ Cultural Project such a success.

Fondazione Rodolfo Ferrari Area
Bisson Bruneel, JAD Jardin des Arts et du Design con: Agbadou-Masson Anne; BAKOWSKI Marta; BLANCHARD Martin; BREISACHER Cédric; CALVEZ Carole; COUILLET Luce; DIJAN Loann; EKWE Rose; GOUEZ Marion; HACCOUN ZAKABLOUKOWA Sofia; JOUANNEAU Tony; PERROLLE Maxime; SALMON Albane; Atelier Marie Levoyet & Baptiste Meyniel, Jérémy Bergeaud, Caroline Besse, StudioNotte, Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d’art Paris con: Antonin MONGIN; Chloé VALORSO; Atelier GEORGE – Eve George; Atelier Mayeul GAUVIN; Studiofoam – Caroline VENET; Studio QUIPROQUO; Lucille BOITELLE; Juliette BERTHONNEAU; Miles LE GRAS; Carbone 14 studio – Julien GORRIAS; Cécile GRAY

Relax Area
Atelier Marie Levoyet & Baptiste Meyniel, AquaArida by Jacopo Lupi + Fabrizio De Gaetano, P.H.I Interior, Mercoeur Edition, Sénéquier Designclub, Michael Koska, Alexandre Labruyère, Edition 1.6.9 TERRAZZA: Oggetto Gallery

Townhall Area
SEIKANTAI 5271 By Bruno Laurenzano, Samuel Accoceberry Studio, SB26, Florence Bourel Design Studio, Haymann Editions, Atelier Hervé Obligi, Geo Studio Collection + PG Art Gallery, Reda Amalou Design, Studio Brichet Ziegler, Aeditto, Matteo Tampone

Elettrico Area
ColAAb, Studio Etienne Bastormagi, Mingardo/Dimanche7, Studio GAIA, Sebastien Rastouil Studio, Vibrazioni d’Insieme con: Hélène MORBU; Raphael PONTAIS; Amanda LE, Senimo Fabien COLOMINES; James HAYWOOD; Emily THURMAN; Ines LEVEZIER; Maxime BELLAUNAY; Helder BARBOSA; Sophia TAILLET; Manufacture de papier; Pauline ANDROLUS; Adrian CRUZ; Julia CHIARAMONTI; Joseph Rottenbacher – Zoé MOINEAUD; Audrey GUIMARD et Marie Jeunet; Comes CALMETTES; Thomas Defour; Jade TRIBOULET; Célia Machado; Lucas HUILLET.

Garden / External Area

Coulisse | INKZipblind & VF