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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 13 March 2024

Images courtesy of  LABÒ

The second edition of the LABÒ project by the Design Blender

The industrial spaces of the Società Prodotti Antibiotici Company – SPA – and the Rodolfo Ferrari Foundation will host a new selection of international designers, artists, art galleries, and design companies from April 15 to 18, 2024.

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In the former industrial complex in Via Biella 6, the Design Blender, a curatorial duo composed of Elsa Lemarignier and François Leblanc di Cicilia, will present a new production and layout that investigate “le luxe de création”, matter, and its processing through collectible and premium design pieces created using expert craft or advanced industrial techniques.

Inspired by the essence of the location, which has been devoted to medical research for more than 70 years, LABÒ is configured as a forge that fosters creativity and as a crossroads where design, art, and experimentation converge to achieve innovative and surprising results.

“This second edition of LABÒ represents a new challenge for us,” the Design Blender duo said. “Our goal is to create connections between the creatives and companies involved with the design and art community: an exchange from which unexpected results will flow.”

The world of the laboratory is the distinctive theme of the project: a physical space where visitors are welcome as well as a conceptual space for creative exploration that materializes during the exhibition.

The location, which will be open to the public for the event, astounds visitors with its authenticity and expressive power. The four buildings, consisting of pharmaceutical laboratories, the company’s recreation club, and warehouses, are deployed like a small industrial village and provide an exceptional backdrop for dialogue with and about the projects on display.

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