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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 28 March 2024

Images courtesy of Kreoo

Holly armchairs, Queen tables, Ever benches and accessories by architect Christophe Pillet

Experimentation and contamination to create unique design, fully in line with the philosophy of the Kreoo brand: the exploration of new forms using marble is now enriched by a new, precious and tactile component. That component is leather, mixed with natural stone in the brand’s new furnishing collections, thanks to a collaboration with Gruppo Mastrotto, Italy’s number one player in the sector: two organizations that are geographically close to each other come together to seal an elegant marriage of materials and a sharing of typically Italian craftsmanship. Together, they have embraced an exciting challenge: to pool their experience and skill in their respective fields to develop exclusive design elements characterized by elegance and refinement.

This precious textural combination and entrepreneurial bond is translated into design by architect Christophe Pillet, who has imagined collections of chairs, tables and accessories in which the solidity of marble and its monolithic charm are paired with the softness of leather.

With its porous texture and characteristic warm shade, Navona Travertine, crafted from a single block, fully shapes the sinuous shell of the Holly armchair. The chair takes the form of an enveloping and ergonomic shell, in which the seat is defined by padding upholstered in natural-finish half-grain cowhide, while the backrest is completed by two side cushions with the same upholstery. The leather belongs to Gruppo Mastrotto’s Linea range and is characterized by its soft, waxy texture and semi-matt appearance.

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An identical combination can also be found in the Ever bench, with its minimal and geometric aesthetics: an interplay of interlocking marble slabs in different thicknesses determines the design of the product, in which the seat is edged on the short sides with small borders that allow it to contain three cushions, accentuated on the surface by visible stitching that emphasizes the manual craftsmanship.

A typically Mediterranean charm emanates from these two collections, combining Travertine and its light colour with the olive green hue of leather: the result is almost the memory of a bright garden, achieved partly thanks to the harmony between the two completely natural materials”, says Alessandra Farinon, at the helm of Kreoo and responsible for its polychrome catalogue, rich in experimentations between marble, which is always the protagonist, and wood, with semi-precious metal trims.

From style that evokes wonderful en plein air views to a luxurious, urban, international language. This new style scenario is created with Calacatta Viola marble and soft nubuck in a shade of plum that emphasizes the distinctive veining. The leather comes from Gruppo Mastrotto’s Primalinea 99.9 collection and is characterized by a smooth and elegant appearance that enhances a solid, warm and silky texture.

The vibrant match between these two materials shapes the Queen table, with the base consisting of three marble elements with rounded profiles and a top with a radiating edge that frames the leather upholstery. A furnishing item designed for residential and public spaces, just like the Lord handles, macro-scale pieces for application to doors, which again combine Calacatta Viola marble, decorated three-dimensionally with grooves, and a Brown leather also from Gruppo Mastrotto’s Linea range.

“Leather has a unique ability to add the highest level of refinement, comfort and durability. In this combination with marble, it becomes a key element of innovative, refined and timeless design. Leather and marble are natural materials at the service of creativity and design, which, when combined, emphasize their reciprocal properties and unparalleled tactile qualities. We are proud of this collaboration with Kreoo, which confirms our commitment to the world of high-end furniture”, concludes Chiara Mastrotto, President of Gruppo Mastrotto.

The new collections – previewed in Milan in the Lineapelle Interiors Leather Duets project, by architect Maurizio Molini and CEO of Lineapelle Fulvia Bacchi – will be the protagonists of the Kreoo project during Milan Design Week in April, as part of a broader narrative of materials for the design world.

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