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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 15 May 2024

Images courtesy of Kartell

Kartell presents its latest collection “Urban Horizons”.


Kartell Milano Urban Horizons is the theme of the stand project at the Salone del Mobile 2024, celebrating the urban and architectural essence of Milan. The stand features a series of iconic monuments and buildings from the Lombard metropolis, depicted through bold graphic surfaces that create a futuristic urban skyline. These architectural elements provide a backdrop for showcasing new collections, designs, and mini-room settings on platforms throughout the exhibit.


Her Majesty the Chair” embodies the item that permeates our everyday lives, implicitly narrating our story. Philippe Starck elevates us to new heights with the H.H.H. – HER HIGHEST HIGHNESS chair. With unparalleled elegance and graphic impact, H.H.H. defines the very essence of the human interacting with it, compelling one to take a stance. Indeed, what would we be without the act of sitting, of “posing” before such a symbol of royalty and refinement? It transcends the mere notion of sitting, transforming every moment spent upon it into one of true majesty. The frame is crafted from polycarbonate 2.0, and the seat is available in various finishes: recycled leather with green tanning treatment, in black and tan colours, eco-friendly texture sourced partly from recycled material and partly from renewable sources in black and tobacco colours, and in super glossy finish in white, black, burgundy, rust, mustard, blue, grey and green.


The Plastics sofa and Trix pouffe by Piero Lissoni and Philippe Starck’s Cara Armchair will gain a new look thanks to the use of Liberty fabrics that are specially made for outdoor use. These fabrics add both style and functionality and guarantee strength and durability in outdoor applications. Available in two geometric patterns and one floral pattern, this new collection of outdoor furniture offers a unique mix of style and comfort, and lets you enjoy the summer in an elegant, relaxed fashion.

In these new fabric coverings, each piece, from the sofa to the pouffe and armchair, becomes a precious addition to your outdoor life, contributing taste and refinement and offering a delightfully relaxed open-air experience. Available in sage, rust, beige, yellow and blue colour palettes. And to lay the table this summertime, the piazza tray takes on four colour variants in the floral “Artemis” pattern, applied using Kartell’s “graphic impression” technique.

ASIA is the new sofa line designed by Piero Lissoni, featuring a compact, enveloping seat and a refined, well-balanced design. The system comprises two and three-seater sofas and an armchair. The cushions, designed for maximum comfort, are supported by an elegant metal “tray” with clean, precise lines. This element, which contrasts with the soft shapes of the cushions, creates a harmonious fusion of styles, resulting in a completely original aesthetic appeal. The ASIA line sofas are conceived to seamlessly integrate into contemporary settings, whether residential or commercial. With their versatile character and timeless elegance, these sofas bring sophistication and comfort to any living or professional space. They are available in Cotton Plain, Cotton Structure, Panamino, and Bouclé New fabrics in twenty different colours.


Even the most advanced artificial intelligence appreciates comfort. In this regard, we are all alike. A.I. LOUNGE is the latest addition to the A.I. Family, blending sustainable materials and comfort with a forward-thinking design for enhanced well-being in our living spaces. This lounge chair boasts sleek, modern lines, a hallmark of the collection, combined with exceptional seating comfort. Constructed from recycled materials and offered in white, black, grey, and green, A.I. LOUNGE complements a wide range of interior design styles and preferences and is available in both indoor and outdoor versions, featuring fabric cushions specially designed to withstand outdoor use.


A.I. CONSOLE embodies an innovative elegance, where artificial intelligence embraces simplicity. Inspired by the distinctive lines that are a feature of the A.I. Family, this console stands out as a unique piece of furniture, capable of making a subtle yet personal statement in entrances and hallways, thanks to its sleek profile and central leg. Versatile and suitable for various settings, A.I. CONSOLE seamlessly integrates into both residential and commercial environments. Available in white, black, grey, and rust orange, it is created using illy Iperespresso capsules, reflecting Kartell’s and illy’s commitment to sustainable collaboration in order to offer an ever-growing collection of products made from this recycled material.

K/Wood is the armchair that brings with it a regal elegance, even in its new variant equipped with wheels. This armchair embodies the style and refinement of royal furniture, adding a touch of nobility and distinction to any room in which it is placed. With its wheels, K/Wood becomes even more versatile and functional, allowing it to be easily manoeuvred around the space. Whether used in a living room, study or meeting room, this armchair stands out for its majestic presence and embracing comfort. Painted or chromed steel frame, and available in Basic Veneer versions: light wood/chrome, dark wood/chrome, dark wood/black.


ADAM WOOD marked Kartell’s initial venture into a new challenge with its innovative design. Now, it evolves further: alongside the distinctive curved wooden shelves, it also offers closed modules. This lightweight bookcase is known for its straightforward assembly, making purchasing and setup effortless. ADAM WOOD brings a fresh personality to any space, thanks to its versatility and modularity. Its individual modules can be combined to create linear arrangements tailored to specific needs, while adjustable shelves allow for adaptable configurations to fit any space. Additionally, a 60 cm shelf option provides more versatility, catering to smaller spaces. Available in versions with steel uprights painted in Basic Veneer versions: dark wood/black and ash black/black.

, designed by Ferruccio Laviani, adds a new dimension to Kartell’s lighting collection. With its graceful curves reminiscent of unfurling petals, this lamp casts a warm and inviting glow. TERESA represents a leap forward in the exploration of design concepts and industrial production techniques in the lighting industry. These innovations allow for the creation of surprising and unique curved shapes and volumes, giving the lamp a timeless appeal and a distinctive presence in any space. TERESA is available in white, black, black stem and white, burgundy, and taupe diffuser colours. For the Salone del Mobile 2024, TERESA is offered in a limited edition colour selection including Orange, Light Blue, Petroleum and Mauve.

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The FOUR table family, designed by Ferruccio Laviani, embodies a harmonious blend of sophistication and functionality, distinguished by its precise, geometric design. Featuring a slender top and asymmetrical legs, these tables exude elegance and originality. Now, this line introduces a new extendable variant, enhancing its adaptability to various settings. With this innovation from Kartell, FOUR tables cater even more effectively to the dynamic requirements of contemporary spaces, offering a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for meetings, dinners, and social gatherings. The tables are available in versions with painted steel legs and a soft-touch laminate top in a 160+50+50 length configuration. Additionally, FOUR is now available in an XXL size of 238×100, featuring painted steel legs and marble finish stoneware tops in nature tundra/black, symphonie/black, white/black and nero marquina/black combinations.

The GLOSSY table family, designed by Antonio Citterio with Oliver Löw, is suitable for both residential and office settings. Featuring a lightweight steel frame, these tables boast a distinctive design, incorporating a cross-shaped element that connects the legs on all four sides, ensuring sturdy support for the tabletop. The collection offers various shapes, including square, oval, and round, now available in a 150 cm diameter version, providing flexibility to choose the most suitable solution for your space and style preferences. With their versatility and elegant design, GLOSSY tables seamlessly integrate into any environment, enhancing it with a touch of sophistication and practicality. Available in versions with a chromed, gilded, or painted steel frame and marble-finish stoneware tops in white, nero marquina, nature tundra, and symphonie colours, as well as with a painted steel frame and stoneware tops in white, black, and bordeaux. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The THIERRY family of “jewel” tables introduces a new variant: the THIERRY BISTROT, featuring an elegant black top designed specifically for refined and sophisticated settings. The essence of the collection shines through its vibrant colour palette, offering versatile and visually captivating furnishing solutions. With their metal legs and glass tops in rich, gem-like hues, Thierry tables effortlessly complement a range of environments. This collection serves as a versatile furniture choice, suitable for various occasions, seamlessly blending style and practicality in an elegant manner. Whether it’s a lounge bar, a restaurant, or a domestic space, Thierry Bistrot tables infuse sophistication and glamour into any setting.



The weather, the wind, love, life, the Ferris wheel… and why not a chair? PANORAMA by Philippe Starck is precisely that chair that literally makes heads turn. With its wide, comfortable seat, PANORAMA is a swivel chair that allows you to look at the world from ever-changing perspectives. Whether you are contemplating the sunset, relaxing or chatting with friends, PANORAMA allows you to do so with style and versatility. It is the seat that adapts to your way of life, making you appreciate every moment with a broader and more dynamic vision.


A.I. O.R.I.
A.I. O.R.I.
by Philippe Starck is the chair that folds like origami, conceived through artificial intelligence, a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, optimised to offer maximum comfort and practicality without sacrificing style. Its ergonomic design and foldable frame, unlike traditional folding, make it suitable for a variety of environments and situations, from corporate meetings to outdoor events. A.I. O.R.I. stands out for its ability to adapt to modern needs, offering comfortable seating and a unique experience that combines technology and design.

Co-working or co-drinking? The C.KOYA stools from Philippe Starck’s SMART WOOD family offer versatile possibilities, enhancing both aesthetic and functional opportunities. Defined by a minimalist and sleek design, they come in various light and dark wood options, effortlessly blending into diverse settings and decor styles. With their refined craftsmanship and clean lines, C.KOYA stools stand out as distinctive elements, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for work, social gatherings, and cherished moments. Painted or chromed steel frame, and available in Basic Veneer versions: light wood/chrome, dark wood/chrome, dark wood/black.

BELVEDERE is the new chair by Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba whose name is inspired by the Viennese Belvedere Palace, which houses the treasures and traditions of Austrian culture. This was the starting point for the design of this original chair that blends the culture of the Viennese chair-making world with Vienna straw and Kartell’s industrial capacity for research into new materials and new design solutions. The straw is the protagonist here, together with the carbon fibre frame, which makes it extremely light, materials that apparently do not converse, but which can perfectly represent a new creative idea to realise a totally new and original stylistic feature. These are two worlds that meet within a project that, with its precision, seeks to bring a symbol of elegance not looking to the past, but to a cross-sectional idea of calm and exacting elegance projected into the future.

ALBERT by Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba is a table that embodies Kartell’s ethos of merging classic elements and stylistic features into the contemporary world, reinterpreting them with unexpected materials. In this instance, the table’s legs pay homage to the past, drawing inspiration from the French craftsman André Charles Boulle of the late 18th century, who pioneered the sinuous leg aesthetic. Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba not only adopted this motif as a decorative theme but also integrated it as a structural element. Crafted from 100% recyclable aluminium, the table features an adaptable edge that accommodates a variety of tabletops. It is presented in a comprehensive colour range, utilising a large ceramic surface that offers an outdoor-friendly, highly durable version with an exceptional glossy finish. Depending on the tabletop finish, the same product can be seamlessly installed both indoors and outdoors, allowing for contrasting or tone-on-tone arrangements.


The new AALAND upholstered furniture collection designed by Patricia Urquiola is inspired by the imagery of archipelagos, those groups of neighbouring islands that create a feeling of cohesion in a fluid space. This distinctive concept permeates every element of the collection; the soft, organic shapes of the seats extend and merge, creating little islands that generate new spaces of comfort and togetherness. AALAND challenges the classical rules of upholstery to embrace free forms, unexpected and multifunctional shapes, going beyond traditional seating styles. The collection offers numerous small seats that, together, compose a landscape dotted with opportunities for socialising. Sofas, armchairs, large and small pouffes are presented as miniature islands, which connect and complement each other using an organic language. No upholstered piece stands alone, but all contribute to a cohesive whole. The upholstered items in the collection, individually designed in more compact sizes, offer the flexibility to be easily moved and rearranged as needed. Completing this landscape, we find three sizes of AALAND rugs, characterised by a unique graphic motif. This motif depicts two rounded organic shapes, each with different fillings, positioned close to each other and joined by a graphic element, a kind of stitching. This feature creates a visually striking effect, further enriching the visual impact and vibrancy of the surrounding space.


Patricia Urquiola’s CORTEZA side-tables and planters that complete the collection are made of recycled material, with striations reminiscent of the plant world, giving them the appearance of natural barks. These elements include a side-table, a coffee table and two planters, which blend perfectly into the environment, giving it a natural and harmonious touch.

WiseWise by Piero Lissoni represents an innovative mini-architecture system, characterised by a structural framework based on pillars capable of hosting modular boxes. This versatile system can serve as storage or as a foundation for creating actual furnishings such as bookcases, consoles, or sofa accessories. It reflects a lateral approach, a sort of intrinsic design scale inherent to Kartell. WiseWise embodies the continuous pursuit and evolution of design in the direction undertaken by the company. Thanks to its flexibility and modularity, this system enables exploration of a wide range of creative possibilities, allowing for adaptation of interior architecture according to needs and personal tastes.

JEWEL by Fabio Novembre is a design that enhances Kartell’s visual appeal, renewing the brand’s tradition of working on transparent, moving surfaces. A table cut like a gem with its striking transparency and sparkling reflections dancing on the multiple facets that define it. Regardless of its context, the Jewel table stands like a gem, capable of embellishing the surrounding atmosphere with its timeless elegance. It is more than just a piece of furniture: it is a statement of style, a tribute to beauty that can transform any setting.


Do you want your cup of light cold or warm, with or without sugar? This is the magic of CAMOMILLE by Philippe Starck a lamp that conjures up the shape of a teapot, ready to warm your evenings. With CAMOMILLE you can “pour” your dose of light from a unique and original shape, transforming any room into an oasis of warmth and comfort. The lamp is battery-powered, easily transportable and has an impressive lifespan of between 50 and 200 hours. It is ideal for use in the contract sector, to create charming and cosy atmospheres in clubs and public spaces, but also perfect for the home setting, where it adds a touch of originality and appeal. Whether you are looking for functional lighting or an eye-catching decorative element, CAMOMILLE is the ideal choice to add a touch of magic and style to your spaces, transforming every occasion into an unforgettable experience.


GOODNIGHT by Philippe Starck introduces a contemporary twist to candlelight, incorporating high-tech and featuring a cover to bring soft, warm reflections to our evenings. With its rechargeable capability and three different light intensities, this versatile solution offers impressive performance and allows for creating the perfect ambiance, ideal for settings like restaurants and lounges.

BELLISSIMA by Ferruccio Laviani, renowned for its sleek lines and muted colour palette, is now available as a floor lamp. This new addition enhances its elegance and versatility, offering a sophisticated and functional lighting solution for any space. Available in white, black, sage green, dove grey, and brown, it completes the collection, meeting the needs of those seeking stylish lighting without compromising on design.

The LUCE lamp by Ferruccio Laviani, casts a nod to the history of lighting but with a contemporary interpretation. Featuring a curved structure that exteSourabove the area to be illuminated, this lamp offers a versatile and adjustable light source. With its curved structure, the LUCE lamp is able to provide direct lighting without the need to be mounted on a table or vertical support, making it ideal for illuminating specific areas in a practical and uncluttered manner, such as a dining table, reading corner or lounge space. With its flexibility to adapt to a wide range of settings and furnishing styles, the LUCE lamp is a choice that can add a touch of elegance and practicality to any space. Available in 2 variants with glass sphere or LED cone.

PUMO LAMP by Fabio Novembre is a lighting interpretation of the centrepiece, inspired by the traditional Pumo shape, symbolic of Apulian heritage. This lamp offers a fresh perspective on tradition, merging it with modernity to create a unique blend of aesthetics and symbolism. It brings the cultural legacy of Apulia into the contemporary world, adding both functionality and style.


The HiRay family by Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba expands with a new project: a sofa with more generous proportions, complemented by thicker cushions that enhance the seating experience, making it even softer and more comfortable. The new version of the sofa is designed to offer a more lounge-like and cosy experience, meticulously crafted to ensure optimal comfort, suitable for both residential and contract settings. The textile research further enhances the product, making it extremely versatile and suitable for outdoor use. The sofa is available in white, black, rust, and green. The complete collection includes a loveseat, armchair, side table, chair, Bistro table, high table and stool.


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