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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 14 June 2022

Images courtesy of l’Opificio

Discover A New Way Of Living Through Textiles (Elisa Seitzinger & Barbara Bertoldo)

Discover l’Opificio’s preview this year at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 as well as Milan Design Week 2022 (Fuorisalone).

Visit l’Opificio’s :
Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 : Hall 1|Stand G 10
Milano Design Weeek :
.POETICA*APT by Makeyourhomestudio : Via Torricelli 18, Milan
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.Orient Express Vintage Muta_1 2022 by Velvet Lab : Via Montello 8, Milano
.Spazio Medelhan : Via Carlo Torre 28, Milano

Montagna Magica Design by Elisa Seitzinger
Lampasso Jacquard

Montagna Magica is the result of l’Opificio’s collaboration with illustrator and visual artist Elisa Seitzinger, who interprets the brand through her world of imagery populated by fantastical creatures and Gothic flourishes.

Montagna Magica is a collection inspired by the evocative imagery of walks in the mountains, fairy-tale book illustrations, and the mysterious magic of a wild wood.

It’s an invitation to get visually lost in the imagery and invent new stories – like when we were children and we could conjure up invisible animals and creatures for our own adventures in nature.” Elisa Seitzinger

l’Opificio – Montagna Magica design Elisa Seitzinger

So, in these decorative patterns we find flora and fauna: botanical elements, like Hellebore, a symbol of rebirth, Ferns, a symbol of mystery and the unknown, and Mushrooms with their aura of magic; and animals of the wood, like the Deer, a symbol of strength, the Ibex, symbol of the Alps, the Hare, representing creative forces, the Squirrel, guardian of the wood, the Skylark, carrier of messages between the human and the divine,  the Barn owl, friend of wizards and witches, and the long-eared Owl, symbol of clairvoyance and wisdom.

Montagna Magica is a triple-weft lampas-jacquard available in 7 colours, from Neve white to Verde Oliva green, to Castagna brown to Rosso red.

l’Opificio – Viceversa Monet design Barbara Bertoldo | Montagna Magica design Elisa Seitzinger

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Viceversa and Viceversa Monet Design by Barbara Bertoldo
Gobelin “DoubleFront” textured Jacquard

Viceversa is the new jacquard fabric designed by Barbara Bertoldo, l’Opificio’s Art Director.  The idea for the collection springs from an analysis of how things have two sides in nature: light and shadow, stasis and movement, fullness and void.

l’Opificio – Viceversa Monet design Barbara Bertoldo

Viceversa is a DoppioDritto (double-face) Gobelin that’s usable on both sides. Viceversa and Viceversa Monet: each side has its own shade and pattern, offering twice the variations, two for each of the 5 available colours.

In addition to doubling the creative possibilities, DoppioDritto (double-face) patterned fabrics make optimal use of materials, allowing reduced consumption of raw materials while maintaining a wide range of variations.

l’Opificio – Viceversa Monet design Barbara Bertoldo

The charming, buoyant pattern lets customers play with nuances and like all l’Opificio’s collections, Viceversa and Viceversa Monet are designed to mix harmoniously with the maison’s other existing collections.

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