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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 29 May 2024

Images courtesy Hublot

Hublot‘s Highlight Watches

MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System
Hublot opens a door to the future of watchmaking. The Manufacturer‘s new MP revisits the fundamentals of watchmaking: no dial, hands, or oscillating weight, instead a roller display, a circular power reserve, and an inclined tourbillon automatic winding by two linear weights.

“For a piece to be part of our MP collection, it must not only reinvent existing complications; it must create something exclusive, invent, build, and open up new avenues in watchmaking R&D. I gave our designers and watchmakers carte blanche, and this is the fruit of their labours. From now on, people will talk about the MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System in Titanium in terms of ‘before’ and ‘after”  RICARDO GUADALUPE, HUBLOT CEO –

The MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System is a new Manufacture Piece (MP) from Hublot, featuring rounded angles, a sleek design, and an unparalleled sapphire crystal. This watch houses a sophisticated movement that combines form and substance, offering a bold reinvention of classic watchmaking complications. The MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System is limited to 50 pieces and features 592 components, 5 years of R&D, 2 linear weights, 1 inclined tourbillon, and a circular power reserve.

The MP-10 has no hands, but instead, it features four constantly rotating displays: hours and minutes in the upper third, combined with an invisible magnifying glass; the circular power reserve in the central third, with a very clear green zone and red zone; and the seconds in the lower third, indicated directly on the tourbillon cage. It is made from monobloc aluminum, suspended and inclined, and a patent application is pending for this unique mechanical configuration.

The piece has no dial, as Hublot has fused the caliber caliber with the dial. The movement is the face and soul of the watch, drawing the gaze directly to the mechanism to read the time. The MP-10 features a highly architectural design and a particularly expressive movement built around volume and depth, making it simpler to read.

The winding system follows the same logic, with the engineers at Hublot verticalizing the weight principle just like the movement and then duplicating it. Two blocks of white gold are arranged on either side of the central architecture, and Hublot developed a system of shock absorbers to prevent them from colliding with the banking. This exclusive Hublot development, for which a patent is also pending, gives the MP-10 a power reserve of more than 48 hours.

The exterior is on par with the movement, with the sapphire crystal atop it being Hublot‘s most complex to date and combining inclined planes on three axes. The integrated rubber strap is also the most refined ever designed by the manufacturer.

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Big Bang Unico Saxem Green
Hublot unveils a new version of its revolutionary material, SAXEM. Closely allied to sapphire, SAXEM is equally resistant, yet offers even more luminosity.

“Some simple ideas have an instant effect. Others require a great deal of ingenuity and technical skill. This has been the case for SAXEM. It took almost two years of R&D to successfully create the uniform, homogenous colour of this chemical compound. While as perfect and resistant as sapphire, the finish differs. This is something collectors appreciate as the new green SAXEM captures the essence of Hublot: first, unique and different.” – Ricardo Guadalupe, HUBLOT CEO –

Sapphire and SAXEM, two materials from the same Hublot lineage, have distinct profiles. Sapphire is made of aluminum oxide with metallic oxides added for color, while SAXEM is colored with rare earth elements. The Big Bang Unico Green SAXEM, introduced by Hublot in 2019, is an example of this. The 42 mm case and bezel are solid and robust, storing all the power of SAXEM in a dense, compact diameter. The material diffuses into the smallest contours of the case and bezel, studded with six of Hublot‘s iconic titanium H-shaped screws. The One Click System, patented by Hublot for interchangeable straps, is found at 12 and 6 o’clock.

The movement is the UNICO 2 caliber, a new-generation flyback chronograph, the HUB1280. This is a first for Hublot, as the micro-rotor HUB6035 powered the previous Big Bang SAXEM. The HUB1280 caliber features the iconic column wheel at 6 o’clock, UNICO‘s technical and aesthetic signature. The date disc is visible around the movement, with the aperture set in the center of the 60-minute counter at 3 o’clock. The movement is finished in black PVD, and Hublot has successfully reproduced the exact shade of Green SAXEM for the index and hands’ luminescent material.

This exclusive production of only 100 Big Bang Green SAXEM watches will remain highly exclusive, as only 100 will be produced.

Spirit of Big Bang 32mm Jewellery
Watchmaking and jewellery collide to create an enchanting match. Master gemsetters have worked their magic on these six 32-mm cases, enveloping them in light or transforming them into rainbows. These pieces are crafted in King Gold – the Manufacture’s 18K gold alloy, warmer than 5N gold – or stainless steel. Hublot has channeled its avant-garde and unconventional approach to creating these stunning variations with a feminine touch. With these fully-set Spirit of Big Bang Jewellery pieces, draped in their precious finery, time becomes incandescent. The slim design embodies a feminine spirit which enhances the brilliance of its setting. The character of the Big Bang is fused with the sophistication of the gemstones, transforming the Spirit of Big Bang into a sparkling piece of jewellery.

“Our watches are designed to open their hearts to you, and in so doing they light a spark of joy in yours. Jewellery or watch… now there is no need to choose! Created at the dawn of the 20th century, the ladies’ watch now becomes a true piece of jewellery for the wrist. Since 2007, we have created a gem-set model each year. What motivates us? Above all, passion! We value innovation, breaking new ground, and creating exceptional pieces… And the Spirit of Big Bang 32 mm Jewellery embodies this. These full-set pieces showcase our jewellers’ perfect mastery and excellent craftsmanship, from the meticulous selection of the gemstones to their exquisite setting. Achieving aesthetic and technical feats, and mastering the highest level of precision is an art which we practice every day and which we cultivate at Hublot with unwavering enthusiasm.” – Ricardo Guadalupe, HUBLOT CEO –

The Spirit of Big Bang Jewellery Steel or King Gold watch features 27,782 facets of 479 brilliant-cut diamonds, evoking a thousand stars’ light. The steel version features a 2.1-carat symphony of light, while the rainbow watch features 58 rectangular baguette-cut gemstones set around the bezel. The steel version exudes an understated elegance, while the King Gold version accentuates its richness. The watch also features six H-shaped titanium screws, a self-winding movement, a unique “sandwich” case construction, and comfortable interchangeable straps with a deployant buckle. The Spirit of Big Bang combines the Big Bang design with Hublot‘s expertise in a tonneau-shaped watch, allowing for endless combinations and materials. The watch’s bright color palette extends along the leather straps.

Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski Ceramic
Pop colours, an edgy design, outstanding mechanics, a skeleton tourbillon, and a five-day power reserve: Hublot’s new collaboration with the artist is all about fusion, without compromise

“I think we’ve gone far beyond the point of fusion with Richard! He’s now part of our family. Since 2017, we’ve been creating models together that are instantly snapped up by art and watch collectors alike. In an era of ephemeral ‘collabs’, every year, Hublot demonstrates our ability to push the boundaries of art and watchmaking, unveiling ever more powerful, unique and distinctive designs. You don’t reach this level of maturity in just three months. We’ve been working closely with Richard for the past eight years. And it’s not over yet!” – Ricardo Guadalupe, HUBLOT CEO –

Hublot has partnered with French artist Richard Orlinski to create the ‘Art of Fusion’ series. The watch, known for its vibrant yellow or sky blue color scheme, is a collaboration between the two artists. The first model features a manually wound HUB6021 movement, suspended in space by black PVD skeleton bridges. The 45 mm case showcases Orlinski‘s signature style, with bold contours and a 45-mm case. Since 2017, Orlinski has been given free rein to express himself within the Classic Fusion series, sculpting the bezel, redesigning the case, and crafting the index.

The second version of the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski takes another gamble, transitioning from bright yellow to sky blue. The bridges are covered in silver rhodium plating, revealing the polished, satin-brushed, and embossed finishes of each component. Contrast is blurred and replaced by a chromatic harmony. The second model offers an azure sky, while the first offers an azure sky, and the second sets as a brilliant sun. The choice is yours, with only 30 pieces produced of each model.

Orlinski’s work is a constant theme in his work, with the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Orlinski being a testament to the artist’s ability to push the limits of his creativity. The collaboration between Orlinski and Hublot continues to showcase the artist’s creativity and commitment to creating unique and stylish watches.

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