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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 23 April 2024

Images courtesy of Hermès

The Equestrian Style of a Biker

The Atmosphere
In the late afternoon light, the sun’s rays are reflected on the wet ground, outlining the pathway for the looks. The senses slowly awaken to the sound of the rain.

An equestrian biker who has swapped a horse saddle for a motorcycle seat. With a riding jacket and biker boots, the possibilities of leather are reinvented, while zips offer freedom of movement. The urban wardrobe of a woman out to conquer the city.

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Shiny leather, metallic details. Studded lambskin bands follow the geometry of the body, and zips run along the contours of a jacket, in which the suppleness of the knits is structured by the meeting of leather and metal.

A fitted, high-waisted bomber jacket, the curve of bootcut pants. A biker-inspired jumpsuit, a belted coat, resilient protection for pounding the streets. A reinvented look for greater freedom of movement.

Urban style putting a spin on archetypes. The suppleness of a trench coat takes on a new form, playing with lengths and materials. A double-breasted overcoat, the familiar lines of a riding jacket.

Coulisse | INKZipblind & VF