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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 27 March 2023

Images courtesy of HDsurface

ColorSystem by David Lopez Quincoces

Research, experimentation, craftsmanship and creative freedom are the ingredients that have made HDsurface a true innovator in the creation of continuous surfaces. The company confirms the direction it has taken, continuing to create emotions through the essence of matter, narrating the different philosophies of living and giving identity to spaces. HDsurface’s proposals are characterised by a pure and environmentally friendly recipe, an alchemy of infinite potential that aims to establish an authentic and living dialogue between man and space.

ColorSystem by David Lopez Quincoces, a colour palette designed to be used in the company’s four most successful collections, is being enriched at FuoriSalone 2023 with new shades. The four coatings are united in colour, which becomes the leitmotif of a project created with the aim of expanding the HDsurface catalogue, proposing surfaces capable of satisfying the aesthetic and functional requirements of each customer.

Thanks to David Lopez Quincoces, neutral tones, which have already become protagonists and emotional components of contemporary living, now discover new nuances. Natural tones, from white to black, the basic colours of everyday life, are the inspiration for a palette that springs from the earth, the sea and the sky. Used, charmingly broken-in and imperfect, these simple, unpretentious colours create beautiful settings in which colours and textures combine with clear references to the planet.

Adding to the wide range of colours on offer are two shades of beige and two shades of black, opposing but at the same time complementary proposals. The natural colour of beige inspired by hemp and jute, and representative of natural wool, is cosy and relaxing. From the lightest creams, to deep and bright ochre tones, through to the most vibrant tones, beige shades are simple, authentic and warm, perfect for combining with other natural, bright and deep colours, and emulating the beauty of wide open spaces.

The opaque tones of black turn out to be fascinating, mysterious and deep: a colour and non-colour capable of evoking unique and overwhelming sensations. Shades of black, from the most intense to the most veiled, make for an orderly, comfortable environment: as it is conceived as an ‘absence of colour’, a black space becomes an empty vessel that we somehow feel encouraged to fill with visions, ideas and conversations. It therefore alludes to a certain kind of freedom, to imagine and dream.

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The new PerfectCombination, CoverHD, GeoTexture and GeoOutdoor proposals once again become an expressive medium through which organic, earthy and warm colours taken from the landscape enter the home in the form of colour and aesthetic choices.

The new nuances  will be the protagonists of the HDsurface showroom at Via Volta 18 , which will also host a space dedicated to the Argille collection, always topical thanks to its eco-friendly recipe.

A completely natural trowelled coating, Argille transforms man’s gesture into decoration thanks to its grainy composition that makes the product rich in natural ripples, emphasising the beauty of imperfections. Totally breathable and used since antiquity to improve the quality of life of the occupants of an indoor space, Argille will be the protagonist of a collaboration with the company Moroso: the new layout of the showroom in via Pontaccio will be tinged with matter with custom-made workmanship and shades that once again recall the vibrations of the earth.

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