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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 15 September 2023

Images and text courtesy of GUBI

Cordless & Rechargeable

Made for Movement. With its adjustable shades, Louis Weisdorf’s Multi-Lite is one of the most dynamic and adaptable lighting designs of the 20th century. Now, GUBI’s introduction of the portable edition makes it even more interactive.

Starting with the Multi-Lite Table Lamp as a template, GUBI has worked closely with the Weisdorf family to re-imagine the design as a fully portable lamp that packs all the Multi-Lite’s trademark versatility into a more compact form.

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“The signature characteristic of the Multi-Lite is the way it invites interaction from the user. The Multi-Lite Portable Lamp introduces a whole new dimension to this functionality by allowing the lamp to be easily moved from space to space.Simon Weisdorf, son of Louis Weisdorf

First launched in 1972, the Multi-Lite design is unique in its playful flexibility, allowing the light to be directed in multiple directions with a simple adjustment to its shades. Unrestricted by cables, the new edition gives fans of Weisdorf the opportunity to bring the Multi-Lite’s exceptional functionality to any space in the home – or outside it. In the portable iteration, each component of the light has been redeveloped and adapted to optimize ergonomics and stability, and to ensure that all parts work together in harmony.

“The design of Multi-Lite is a perfect invitation for portability. You can personalize any atmosphere as you like. Thanks to the ring structure and stem, it is exceedingly easy to move around – you can lift it with a single finger. The lamp can be very functional – you can light up a table so you can read a menu card, for instance – and it can also be used to nurture an intimate, ambient mood if you want a substitute for candlelight.” Marie Kristine Schmidt, Chief Brand Officer, GUBI 

The outer ring – a key aesthetic and structural feature of the Multi-Lite – naturally lends itself to use as a handle, as does the thin stem connecting the shade to the base. On the table lamp, the two small discs on either side of the outer ring are used to adjust the angle of the shade. On the portable version, however, these have been re-imagined as dimmer switches. With three dimmer settings, the brightness of the Multi-Lite Portable Lamp can be modified to match the mood or meet the needs of the moment – allowing leisurely evenings on the patio to continue long after the sun goes down.

“The Multi-Lite lends itself perfectly to use as a portable lamp – it is a design that was made to be carried; the perfect companion lamp. My father would have loved how GUBI’s use of state-of-the-art lighting technology has enhanced the functionality of his original design.” – Simon Weisdorf, son of Louis Weisdorf –

Like all lamps in the Multi-Lite family, the shades can be manually re-positioned to alter the direction and pattern of the lamp’s light, and have been meticulously engineered to ensure they can be smoothly adjusted with one hand. To address the fact that the Portable Lamp sits lower on the table, two diffusers in the upper part of the lamp prevent glare while creating an attractive glow of indirect light.

Balancing the aesthetic requirement for a slender silhouette with the need for optimal stability, the base is fitted with a USB-C charging unit that charges to full in six hours, and to 80% in three. From the moment it is switched on, a fully charged Multi-Lite Portable Lamp can keep shining for six and a half hours at maximum brightness – enough to outlast even the longest evenings outdoors.

Like other portable lamps in the GUBI Lighting Collection, the Multi-Lite is intended and certified to be used outside, although it should be kept dry – and charged – indoors when not in use.

GUBI has developed four material variations, enabling the Multi-Lite to slip seamlessly into any style of space: black or brass shades with a brass base, and white or chrome shades with a chrome base.

“The Multi-Lite Portable Lamp is possibly the most versatile light in the GUBI Lighting Collection – it lets you decide how much light you want, where you want it, and in which direction. As you interact with the lamp and adjust its expression you develop a relationship with it. It really confirms the saying that good things come in small packages.” – Marie Kristine Schmidt, Chief Brand Officer, GUBI –

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