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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 11 July 2024

Images courtesy of Giorgetti

A Multisensorial Tour of The Various Living Spaces

Giorgetti Spiga, located alongside high-end fashion boutiques – a place that demonstrates the brand’s ability to go beyond the design of a single thing and combine the entire image to create a complete interior. Giorgetti Spiga – The Place is directly managed by the Giorgetti team and supported by many commercial activities of Interni. It is the best way for the company to express artistic culture between art and beauty. The works are in cooperation with Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery and Brun Fine Art & Antiques Gallery  and The French glassmaking maestro Lise Gonthier. The entire place is curated by Giancarlo Bosio.

The entrance on Via della Spiga leads into the interior spaces through a glazed corridor on one side and a video installation displaying content from edition number 4 of the Giorgetti Magazine GM on the other.  At the end of the corridor, it opens into a small courtyard with an atrium that stretches the full height of the building, illuminating each floor and offering an intimate and privileged view of illustrator Fernando Covello’s artwork “Para Miss Adentros.” “Para Miss Adentros” is a celebration of those of us who no one sees, an ode to the secrets we jealously guard within ourselves, as if we were living gardens that thrive and grow unhindered,” explains Fernando Covello.

Ground Floor
An elegant bedroom that is designed to foster relaxation is home to the soft curves and generous proportions of the new KARPHI NAP bed by Carlo Colombo, complete with MONOGRAM bedding. The versatile design is seen here in the version featuring two shelves built into the headboard on one side and the new DELPHI night table, also by Carlo Colombo, on the other. Behind the bed is the ergonomic ANNETTE seat along with the soft, fluid lines that make up Silvia Musetti’s new LIZ-console. The inviting lines of the bed create an interesting dialogue with the decisive, yet seductive forms of Carlo Colombo’s new armchair with pouf, a welcoming haven and perfect spot for curling up and taking time out, close to the new LIBRA floor lamp by Mauro Todesco. Behind is the new KIRANAMI screen by HBA, which interweaves ash wood or leather and comes in a choice of two widths.

To complete this area, the spectacular colours of the new hand-blown glass vases are achieved by the “Incalmo” technique from INCANTO and the “Sommerso” technique from ESSENCE, while the new LIGHT carpet is created by the rhythmic repetition of large and small circular elements, giving it a hand-painted look.

In front of the reception area, visitors can discover the organic and sensual shapes of the Galettes d’Ormeuse by Ludovica Roberto Palomba and the new DROP resin side tables by Giancarlo Bosio. The spectacular internal staircase that leads visitors to the first floor is composed of a careful arrangement of different types of marble, which are vertically staggered to create the illusion of a single stone block.

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First Floor
Corner kitchens GK.01
and GK.03 welcome guests with featuring panels in Zebrino marble and Eucalyptus Frisé wood. This is a showcase of the architectural nature of Giorgetti kitchens to perfection.

m2telier’s beautiful SKIRT stools with hemline and back skirt, now available in two lengths, is a great place to snack. An informal relaxation zone, in the transition room from the kitchen to the living room: CHANTERELLE side tables by Tollgard & Castellani and Carlo Colombo’s HERO chairs. This leads to a small balcony overlooking Via della Spiga.

The centre of the space is occupied by the new GHIBLIM low table by Forma77 with  the perfect companion for Carlo Colombo’s new KARPHI sofa and the SWING and LADY chair models. On the other side, overlooking the atrium’s glass-enclosed conference room, is Dainelli Studio’s new MISTRAL table. The wooden legs resemble wind-bent sails and  surrounded by light and comfortable is PLUME furniture, also designed by Danielli Studio.

Second Floor
As you enter, you find a home office with the linear, fluid forms of the BLADE table by Umberto Asnago and the inviting volumes of Roberto Lazzeroni’s CALATHEA chair. Behind the desk is Carlo Colombo’s new DELPHI cabinet in walnut wood with a monolithic appearance and undulating façade featuring vertical metallic accents that create a sense of movement.

The MIYABI double-sided wardrobe and REIWA storage system introduce a sleeping zone that transcends the traditional concept of a bedroom, instead becoming a space that is created around the individual, with two customisable solutions that are designed to accommodate every possible type of personal object or storage requirement. This most intimate zone of the house, designed to foster a sense of relaxation, is based upon geometric lines and pared-back details, beginning with Carlo Colombo’s minimalist FRAME bed that creates a dialogue with the fluid lines of Roberto Lazzeroni’s VESPER sofa, and GALET side tables by Ludovica Roberto Palomba. The furnishings are completed by Carlo Colombo’s new DELPHI tallboy, a column of walnut wood featuring an artful façade that conceals seven drawers of different heights, and the G- CODE console by Dante Benini and Luca Gonzo, with its effect of a modern suspended bridge. Two bridge-like suspended structures covered in Paglia Abaca wallpaper extend across the sleeping zone as far as the wardrobe.

Two French doors open on to a terrace furnished with pieces from the new MOOREA outdoor collection designed by Carlo Colombo and the Giorgetti R&D team. The Atmosphere 2024 collection completes the al fresco experience in the form of the ceramic hanging MARIMO plant pot by Roberto Cambi, who also designed the new OASI vase.

Third Floor
Guests are greeted by the circular version of the new MISTRAL table by Dainelli Studio and the striking lines of IBLA armchairs. The light-filled space contains two living zones. The first features welcoming lines that marry function and form to perfection, from the CLORI armchair with footrest to the SPARK side tables which come in a selection of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for grouping or using as standalone pieces.

The second living room atmosphere combines the contemporary shapes of the SOHO modular sofa by Carlo Colombo together with the seductive curves of the SOLEMYDAE sofa. This distinctive piece is perfect for the rituals of everyday life that require a solution combining storage and display functions. They are accompanied by STARK side tables and the new HIKARI sideboard designed by HBA – Hirsch Bedner Associates.

A second terrace looking out into the atrium offers an elegant and convivial outdoor space and this is dominated by Carlo Colombo’s ALDÌA table, with a top in the ancestral new Palladiana Rialto finish, accompanied by seats from the same collection with backs in birch plywood designed in a series of asymmetrical “windows”.

Visitors to The Place will enjoy a complete multisensorial experience, courtesy of SPIGA31, Giorgetti’s second scent. Available as both a candle and room fragrance, it takes you on a springlike promenade down Via della Spiga with an enveloping scent of fresh citrus and an elegant dance of aromatic flowers and sought-after woods. The fusion of bergamot, Turkish rose and cedar creates a seductive harmony, while deep notes of patchouli, tobacco and oud leave an unforgettable impression.

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