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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 07 August 2023

Images courtesy of Giorgetti

Giorgetti Celebrates its 125th Anniversary by Expanding into the Chinese Market with A New Mono-brand Space

Giorgetti marks a new stage in the consolidation of its international network with the opening of a new monobrand store in the city of Xi’An, central China.

After the recent inauguration of the two new monobrand stores in Milan and New York, the company turns its gaze towards the East with a new prestigious space that represents another important step in Giorgetti’s strategy of expanding its distribution network in a growing market such as Asia.

An exclusive and selected distribution that aims to further develop the dialogue with the local public by telling the sartorial attitude of the brand and its ability to design spaces and complete architectural projects.

Among China’s oldest cities, Xi’An, capital of Shaanxi province, was the starting point of the Silk Road, a nerve center that allowed two opposite worlds, Asia and the West, to be connected.

Designed to offer an opportunity to experience the Group’s unique approach to design, the Xi’an monobrand covers an area of more than 600 square meters and enjoys a prime location in the heart of the city, right at the foot of the prestigious W Hotel.

A choice that allowed Giorgetti to create an unprecedented shopping experience for its customers, in a space where the brand’s sophisticated elegance meets the hotel’s contemporary luxury.

The Store, which is divided into twelve indoor and 250sqm outdoor settings, hosts iconic products and a careful selection of the latest collections, designed for professionals and fans of the brand.

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At the entrance, the first living room characterized by the flowing lines of the Vesper modular sofa designed by Roberto Lazzeroni and the iconic Galet tables is framed by the ton sur ton bow of the Aurora rug. The circular shapes of the ever-present fireplace, Enso table, Rift mirror and Dunes chandelier in solid canaletto walnut complete the ambience.

In the adjacent spaces, the main dining room is characterized by the interplay of volumes and thicknesses of the Fang table, accompanied by the Elisa armchairs in a bi-color version and dark finish and the Kendama chandelier with twelve points of light in blown glass and metal oxides inside.

To the right of the living room, the space dedicated to the home office welcomes the linear, flowing forms of the Erasmo desk and the Houdini cabinet, which, in the sophisticated workmanship of the exterior decoration with inlays in gray maple or Canaletto walnut, reveals Giorgetti‘s cabinet-making tradition.

Next, the space opens to the sleeping area where an ebony wall dominates and divides the room in two parts. On one side, it frames the Vibe bed and its Side Vibe nightstands, presented in 2022 by architect Carlo Colombo.

On the other, it encloses the Miyabi walk-in closet, a custom-made solution where you can store your personal items, and a fitness corner that includes the Amiral equipped mirror and Apollo wellness balls. The environment is completed by the Shirley bench, also by Colombo, positioned at the foot of the bed, and the Edward vanity, a functional station distinguished by the material encounter, with the Montgomery seat both designed by the Dainelli studio.

On the other side, a second living area chooses the contemporary lines of Carlo Colombo‘s Soho modular sofa, accompanied by Griffe side tables and Rossella Pugliatti’s iconic Move armchair, an elegant, sinuous rocking chair with great aesthetic balance.

The core of the space is dedicated to an executive kitchen consisting of the GK.01 and GK.03 models, the Reiwa modular system and the Flamingo game table.

The careful combination of materials and accessories make Giorgetti kitchens a true architectural experience.

The kitchen leads to the main meeting/dining room and the new Tea Room concept, a place dedicated to conviviality and a meeting point that emphasizes the importance of the tea ritual as a moment of gathering. Characterized by a simple and minimal style, as per tradition, the space accommodates the Blade table in ash, Sinbad armchairs and a module of the Domus storage system.

The tea room leads to the space dedicated to the Open-air collection designed to present all of Giorgetti‘s outdoor collections: Aldìa, Apsara and Gea, arranged and mixed in different configurations, show the brand’s ability to always propose new solutions that can coexist with each other in the same environment, bringing the typical elegance of indoor environments, made of research of details, design of forms, preciousness of materials, to the outdoors.

A new space that confirms the importance of the Chinese market for Giorgetti and stands as a new reference point for admirers of the brand and its sophisticated stylistic language that make it appreciated worldwide.

Giorgetti Store Xi’an
West side of the lobby of Xi’an W Hotel
Qujiangchi East Road
Yanta District, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China
Monday-Sunday 9:30 am-9:30 pm

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