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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 13 May 2024

Images courtesy of Gervasoni

The New Showroom Layout

Gervasoni confirms its philosophy by continuing to outline different domestic universes thanks to constant design and stylistic research and collaborations with planners and designers from different backgrounds. The result is a series of collections that reflect the identity of their designers while maintaining a strong connection with the company’s aesthetics and DNA.

For Fuorisalone 2024, Federica Biasi signs “FRAME”, an original exhibition project for the Gervasoni showroom in Via Spartaco 34 in Milan that narrates the story of the product through different eyes, transforming the exhibition tour into an engaging photographic exhibition.

“The space is carefully designed to communicate the artistic soul, design, and passion for photography that characterize Gervasoni,” explains the designer. “Materic screens become the walls of the installation that exhibit evocative images, narratives of timeless stories involving some Gervasoni products. Visitors will be immersed in an environment that not only presents the company’s furnishings but also conveys a culture of art and design, becoming a showcase that celebrates the dedication to beauty, quality, and history that accompanies each product.”

Imagined as an art gallery, where each room houses a photograph, the installation changes the showroom into an envelope that goes beyond a simple commercial space. To give character, materiality, and poetry to the environment, material, and natural dividers descend from the ceilings, in bamboo and straw, delimiting the spaces into many small “rooms” in which the furnishings are the only protagonists. The panels become the background of photographs that narrate the story of each product under new eyes, in new styles and, thanks to their strongly natural component, mix with succulents and orange flowers, thus creating an environment reminiscent of the most sumptuous Riads in Marrakesh. The final effect is a warm and welcoming environment, perfect for relaxing and letting yourself be transported into the Gervasoni universe.

The exterior also echoes the warmth and materiality of the interior: Gervasoni Outdoor’s proposals are narrated through a space created in partnership with AFRICA STYLE. The area is enclosed by modular panels that act as a natural perimeter filter and shows some of the furnishings surrounded by two wooden huts made of authentic South African Eucalyptus grandis, defined by the beauty of the irregularities and coming from responsibly managed forests. All the originality of the round section for a room blends with the principles of biophilic design, where the lush green of the plants and the optical white of the gravel enrich the scenery.

Gervasoni OUTDOOR
The first outdoor area welcomes visitors by showing the Outdoor 2024 novelties and some of the brand’s iconic proposals.

BRISE, HASHI by Federica Biasi

MEDITERRANEO by Fransesco Meda

The Hashi modular sofa designed by Federica Biasi is presented in the new version of Jacquard Accardi technical fabric: born from oriental and exotic inspirations, the collection also consists of a rocking chair defined by the same stylistic features as the sofa. Hashi gives way to a dining area where the protagonist is the Eidos table, the new proposal by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, defined by essential shapes that combine geometric elements with different thicknesses, covered with a semi-glossy resin that creates playful chiaroscuro effects. Around the table, the iconic Ghost textile chairs by Paola Navone complete the dining area with a touch of refinement. Another outdoor living area features several proposals from the Jeko collection by Paola Navone, characterized by the expressive Eco Teak, combined with the Guna charpoy by Chiara Andreatti. The area is bordered by the Brise chairs and tables by Federica Biasi in tubular steel.

KASANE by Nendo

Presented by Galleria

Over the threshold, we can discover an oasis of design. The journey continues among the outdoor novelties with the new lounge chairs of the Brise collection, made with a tubular steel structure with seat and backrest in Wood Evolution laser-carved about Vienna straw, accompanied by the Brise coffee table, the Guna coffee table and the Bolla lamp in woven wicker, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Continuing, the Kasane table, designed by the Japanese studio Nendo, dominates the scene, available in four colors – two new for 2024 – surrounded by Brise chairs and the new Hashi chair that expands the collection designed by Federica Biasi with Jacquard Accardi technical fabric in beige color. The set-up also presents Mediterraneo, the new proposal designed by Francesco Meda, consisting of a sofa, armchairs, and coffee tables with marble tops made with a natural teak structure to reveal a harmonious balance in which curved and rounded teak seems to envelop the seat cushions. A final outdoor area welcomes the new Flair sunbed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, an expansion of the Buratti brothers’ collection of sofas. The sunbed also maintains the peculiarities and stylistic features of the Flair collection: soft in the curves and at the same time controlled in the design. A distinctive element of the collection is the manually foldable backrest mechanism and the lightly padded quilted removable cover. The area is completed by several tables including Heiko by David Lopez Quincoces, Brise, and Guna.

EIDOS, FLAIR by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

Gervasoni INDOOR
The showroom is now dedicated to Gervasoni’s indoor proposals: the 2024 new products are combined with the icons to invite relaxation and comfort. The first dining area presents the Yaku table and bench by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, a hymn to wood in its purest forms that is in perfect harmony with the Saia dining armchairs by David Lopez Quincoces. Several material dividers enclose and conceal a living area dedicated to Samet, a sofa without rules par excellence designed by Federica Biasi. Inspired by Thai aesthetics, it dominates the area thanks to its generous shapes and multifaceted composition. Next to it, the Ghost sofa by Paola Navone stands as a focal point, with its new modules with curved backrests that embrace the environment, transforming it into an island of well-being. Presented in two semicircular compositions that frame the Gray coffee tables, Ghost is defined by the recognizable removable house, the emblem of the collection. A final dining area sees the Daen Table, designed by Federico Peri, in the oval version: characterized by the idea of material contamination and elliptical-shaped legs, it is surrounded by the Yelek chairs by Federica Biasi, whose peculiarity lies in the enveloping backrest with padded fabric and drawstring. The space is completed by the Daen sideboard and two Gray armchairs.

DOT, PAD, NEST by Paola Navone

GHOST, POUF by Paola Navone

Through this area, an entire space is dedicated to the different products of the Loll collection by Paola Navone. To best convey an ideal of contemporary comfort, Loll is available here in a modular sofa version with a corner configuration and in the two armchairs of the collection, one of the large and enveloping dimensions and the other with compact volumes. Complete the space with the Brise coffee tables. A partition then shows the sleeping area, the protagonist is the new Gem bed designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti: as with the Flair outdoor collection from which it draws inspiration, the night proposal also finds its expressive strength in the backrest. Available in two heights, it keeps alive the peculiarity of the padded and quilted fabric. The sleeping area presents two other 2024 novelties, expansions of existing collections: the Plumeau armchair designed by Cristina Celestino and the Yaku console by Buratti. Plumeau keeps alive the stylistic features of the bed from the same collection, revealing its essence in soft and sinuous shapes that evoke the world of textiles. Plumeau is framed by a fabric drape that outlines its profile thanks to the piping and the light and delicate curves, to underline its undulating aesthetic. The Yaku console table also celebrates the essence of wood in its most authentic forms. The main elements of the product are presented with pure simplicity, with clean cuts that highlight the sections and the refined proportions. The apparent contrast between the solidity and grandeur of the console legs and the lightness of the top given by a thin thickness, make the product perfect for decorating various domestic spaces while maintaining a strong personality.

GEM, YAKU by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

The set-up is completed by a last impressive living area dedicated to Samet, this time presented in a new version. To express the attention to modularity and versatility in the ways of use of this sofa without rules, Samet presents a new variant: the classic high version is now enriched with the quilted mat characteristic of the low sofa, to give a greater touch of the oriented to the more traditional proposal and bring it even closer to the Thai world. The space also includes two compositions by Samet Low and the Brise coffee tables.

SAMET HIGH, YELEK by Federica Biasi

PLUMEAU by Cristina Celestino

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