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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 29 April 2024

Images courtesy of GEOSTUDIO

Highly Anticipated Collection of Exclusive and Unique Collectible Furniture

GEOSTUDIO, the acclaimed interdisciplinary design studio, is set to captivate the design world with the unveiling of its much-anticipated GEOSTUDIO Collection during Milan Design Week 2024. This exclusive collection of collectible furniture showcases a diverse and meticulously crafted selection, ranging from sofas and tables to decorative objects, all designed and crafted with an unwavering commitment to high devotion.

The GEOSTUDIO Collection stands as a testament to the designers’ rich experiences and influences derived from their global journeys and keen observations of everyday life. Mahmut Anlar, Sinan Bora Özışık, and Tuğçe Örtmen have poured their collective creativity into each piece, resulting in an exquisite assortment that transcends conventional design boundaries. In addition to their signature designs, the collection also features exclusive collaborations with artists and designers, as well as Mahmut Anlar’s special limited edition collection “Vintage Hack”.

Reflecting the team’s dedication to detail-oriented, functional, and iconic design, the GEOSTUDIO Collection promises to be a unique blend of sophistication and innovation. The designers’ global influences are evident in the collection’s exclusive and unique pieces, each telling a story.

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From luxurious sofas and armchairs that redefine comfort to elegantly crafted tables that blend aesthetics with functionality, the GEOSTUDIO Collection offers a wide array of products designed to elevate any living space. Decorative objects within the collection serve as artistic accents, adding a touch of personality to the interiors.

“The GEOSTUDIO Collection is a culmination of our experiences, inspirations, and a shared passion for creating pieces that are not just furniture but works of art. We wanted to bring something truly special to Milan Design Week, and we believe this collection will leave a lasting impression on the design community,” said Mahmut Anlar, co-founder of GEOSTUDIO.

The exclusive launch of the GEOSTUDIO Collection at Milan Design Week 2024 is anticipated to be a highlight of the event, drawing attention to its unique design approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of collectible furniture.

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