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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 15 May 2024

Images courtesy of Geberit

Waterscape Installation & Exhibition & New Products

At FuoriSalone, Geberit celebrates its 150th anniversary with an installation of NEO Narrative Environments Operas. During FuoriSalone, the event dedicated to design and creativity attracting both insiders and the general public, Geberit starts the celebrations in Italy with the multimedia installation “WATERSCAPE” inside the Superstudio Lounge, curated by NEO Narrative Environments Operas – a studio specializing in exhibition design and focusing its research on thematic paths where content is placed in a close relation with the spaces.

Embracing a phygital approach, which brings together digital technologies and physical reality, a scenographic setup transports the public to discover the brand, that has always been characterized by a pragmatic attitude in the constant search for new goals and by a pioneering role in its sector, in perfect harmony with the main theme of the entire Superdesign Show: “THINKING DIFFERENT everything, everywhere, everyone”.

Blending suggestions, information, and reflective insights, the experiential journey into the world of Geberit begins in a first immersive area, highlighting the company’s intrinsic connection with Nature, a reference point for a harmonious and balanced lifestyle, and its special bond with the Water element, powerful and cleansing, a source of relaxation and regeneration.

Starting from the observation of Nature, Geberit has brought the concept of well-being into homes, raising the level of comfort and quality of life. The flow of water is indeed the source of inspiration behind the plumbing systems, and water is the natural element at the center of Geberit’s attention: from the recovery of rainwater to the design of new piping systems characterised by durability and efficiency, and innovative patents for water drainage, Geberit’s commitment to sustainable development is manifested through products that are not only innovative and of high quality, but also aspire to positively influence the industry, society and the environment.

The second area marks the milestones of Geberit’s evolution from 1874 to the present, showcasing the progressively acquired expertise in skillfully managing water within the bathroom environment: a narrative path through the display of the new products, such as the new shower toilet AquaClean Alba, perfectly embodying Geberit’s mission to raise the standards of comfort in the bathroom, the new generation Acanto Turboflush wall-hung toilet and the Mix & Match concept conceived for the washplace area.

Finally, it is possible to discover the 3 Geberit worlds – wc area, washplace area and shower area – in an interactive area that immediately highlights the strengths of Geberit’s know-how and the brand’s expertise in providing systems and solutions that work in synergy behind and outside the wall, combining essential design capable of fitting into any minimal or decorative context and high technology. A large interactive wall allows the visitors to browse through the catalog proposals, combining them in a broad range of combinations, with the possibility of viewing even the most technical products hidden inside the wall.

“If the FuoriSalone will kick off the 150th anniversary celebrations involving designers, installers, wholesalers and the general public, the celebrations will continue with events planned in the second half of the year at our 2 Italian factories, Gaeta, the production site for the group’s ceramics, and Villadose, dedicated to the production of highly innovative drainage systems, reserved for our employees,” explains Giorgio Castiglioni, General Manager Geberit Marketing and Distribution SA. Lastly, the anniversary will be celebrated with social media posts and local events throughout the year, a dedicated book and a mini-website, online since the beginning of January, which showcases a wealth of archival material to trace the evolution not only of Geberit but also of the vision and use of the bathroom environment.”

Presented by Som Santoso

Lounge Superstudio, via Tortona 27, Milan
Concept & production: Adverteam. Exhibit Design: NEO Narrative Environments Operas.

The emblem of a new era in the Geberit bathroom, AquaClean Alba is a simple and pleasant shower toilet, designed to provide superior hygiene and undeniable space optimization, even to the younger people furnishing their first and often small homes.

Developed by Christoph Behling, Geberit Chief Designer who also designed the other models of the range, Alba stands out for its understated design that makes it look like a normal toilet at first glance, only revealing its unique wellness features when used.

An easy introduction to the AquaClean world, this basic model offers the most important functions of a shower toilet at an extremely competitive price compared to traditional ceramic toilets. Designed to appeal to those considering purchasing a toilet who will be able to enjoy the benefits of a shower toilet at a small additional cost, the new AquaClean Alba includes all of Geberit‘s vast experience and incorporates a range of premium features. Among these is the WhirlSpray technology, which allows warm water mixed with air to provide a particularly thorough cleaning, with a refreshing yet gentle jet, and the rimless toilet equipped with the modern TurboFlush technology: during the flushing process, water flows laterally into the ceramic, creating a swirling motion with optimized flow that makes cleaning particularly effective and quiet. Additionally, AquaClean Alba can be controlled via a simple and intuitive remote control and the Geberit Home app.

In 2024, the Acanto wall-hung toilet is further improved in several key functions: flushing performance, seat release and installation.

With a slightly increased depth of 53 cm, the new wall-hung Geberit Acanto toilet with next-generation Turboflush technology maintains, at first glance, the unmistakable enveloping design, clean lines, and timeless look of the corresponding collection, making it ideal for a variety of different bathroom styles.

Upon lifting the toilet’s lid, Acanto reveals its new hydraulically optimized inner bowl geometry, facilitated by ceramic appliance that control the water flow with absolute precision, resulting in high-performance, silent, and accurate flushing.

The new geometry of the inner bowl pan directly the water vortex perfectly through the rimless ceramic appliance: its development has been studied to achieve maximum results in combination with Geberit cisterns, creating a highly efficient system with performance levels 10 times higher than those required by European regulations.

The improvements made to the Geberit Acanto wall-hung toilet do not stop at the flushing performance: the seat has also been improved. The hinges are quick and easy to assemble and there is no risk of losing any components during disassembly. The wrap-around seat is not only slim and durable, but also offers maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning. The seat and lid are equipped with an innovative quick release mechanism so it can be removed and reapplied easily with a single gesture.

Finally, the Geberit Acanto wall-hung vase is equipped with quick and hidden EFF3 fixings, firmly pre-assembled to the innovative metal bar integrated to the ceramic and painted in blue like the Geberit Duofix installation elements, for quick and easy assembly.

A neutral design that adapts to different styles, the practicality that distinguishes Geberit products and many new combination options, to finally design a washplace in line with one’s individual preferences.

With Mix & Match washplace assortment it’s now possible to combine bathroom furniture, washbasins, mirrors and accessories on a modular basis across 3 series Geberit Acanto, iCon e ONE, making their elements interchangeable. Standardised installation methods also make the installation of Geberit Mix & Match furniture and ceramics quick and easy, reducing the probability of errors.

The Geberit Mix & Match washbasin range offers three options: lay-on washbasins, exclusive and design-oriented, available in square or rounded shapes, slim vanity basins integrated into the cabinet for an elegant and minimalist aesthetic, and standard washbasins.

All washbasins in the Geberit Mix & Match range are available with KeraTect®, the extremely smooth and hygienic special glaze that not only ensures long-term protection for the ceramics, but also creates a sleek and almost entirely non-porous surface that makes them easy to clean and maintain efficiently. Features include the washbasin drain with comb insert combining the highest standards of design with exceptional functionality, which reduce water and limescale residues form, a compact washbasin drain that does not require siphon cuts in the drawer. On the other hand, the Geberit Mix & Match range features three types of bathroom furniture designs: a push-to-open mechanism with no handles that can be opened by gently pushing on the front; models equipped with an elegant metal handle for opening and closing; and a model with a uniform furniture front, equipped with an internal drawer.

These pieces of furniture are available in a range of colour variants: white high-gloss, white matt coated, oak, hickory, and lava matt coated. The furniture front is also available in white glass high-gloss and lava glass.

The modular system also enables to combine tall cabinets, side cabinets, wall shelves, washbasin accessories like towel rails or magnetic boards and drawer accessories, storage boxes and interior lighting elements, creating order and a clear overview.

The range includes Geberit ONE mirror cabinet with ComfortLight, adjusting the colour temperature based on the surrounding brightness providing a light that is automatically cooler when the light is brighter and warmer when dimmer, as well as Option mirror cabinets and Option mirrors.

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