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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Images courtesy of FRIGERIO


Glow Collection
Sinuous-shaped furniture inhabits unexpected domestic landscapes, animating them with a new light. FRIGERIO’s GLOW COLLECTION engages in a dynamic dialogue with the environment, like a glow that settles into space, softening its architectures. Curvy lines in wood, glass, and concrete, celebrate the fluidity of forms along with finishes and textures that evoke the imperfect beauty of nature. Delicate and spontaneous, the new 2024 collection tells a philosophy of flexible and multifunctional living, the result of a process that integrates tradition and the new challenges of contemporaneity. Upholstered systems, seating, tables, and furnishings capable of immediately evoking a sense of pure hospitality, balancing between essentiality and décor.

At the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024, FRIGERIO reaffirms its commitment to the creative journey pursued in recent years, forged through collaborations with renowned designers. A dynamic project born from the successful encounter between inherited knowledge and an unwavering inclination towards developing new solutions for living spaces. The synergy with Gabriele and Oscar Buratti is strengthened, along with the unprecedented collaboration with Gordon Guillaumier and David Lopez Quincoces. The result is a proposal with a pure and essential design that employs a language with almost architectural rules, effortlessly harmonizing with the surrounding space. An aesthetic concept characterized by formal cleanliness, complemented by sartorial details that eloquently narrate FRIGERIO’s artisanal soul.


LOU is the reinterpretation of a traditional tub small armchair. A contemporary seat that offers extreme seating comfort thanks to the almost total envelopment of the backrest, defined by a curved line which goes beyond the canonical semicircle, thus evoking the idea and feeling of a welcoming embrace. Clean and formal lines, warmed by extremely balanced proportions and a light silhouette, supported by micro-feet with an elongated shape, which make it almost look like floating in the air. A versatile and functional proposal, suitable for residential as well as for contract use. Available in a wide range of leathers and textile finishes in the catalogue, the cover of the seat is refined by a precious piping in contrast or tone-on-tone, which defines the seat cushion. Available in chair, armchair and small armchair versions.

A tribute to purity and synthesis of shapes and material, the ROLL-O table fully expresses the planning simplicity that defines David Lopez Quincoces’ design approach. The essential round top is supported by three sturdy cylindrical legs which, by ending in a rounded line, lighten its monolithic silhouette. Manufactured beyond any serial standards, the tables are covered with concrete finishes that imprint the living space with an expressiveness aimed to conquer the patina of time in a natural and authentic way, becoming the ingredients of a new conviviality.

Table tops and decorative elements both covered with a selection of material finishes, which celebrate the vibrant essence of concrete. The ROLL-O family, in addition to the round table, also welcomes the console, a piece of furniture defined by the unexpected rhythm of the four sleek supporting legs. The front legs are positioned asymmetrically in respect to the back legs and they end in a delicate rounded line, accentuating the lightness and compositional substance of the furniture. A console that finds its beauty in its simplicity and in the versatility of use, allowing to revisit in a contemporary key any kind of space, from the public area to the domestic environment.

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STEPAN is a versatile furniture family characterised by pure formal essentiality. Small table, bench and low bookcase, which can be fitted behind the sofa, are the ambassador for a design that celebrates the curves and the essence of wood. The small table is characterised by a thin solid ashwood structure composed of six slender supporting legs fitted symmetrically with respect to the ashwood top, defined by a rectangular shape with rounded corners and enriched by the contrast between the veneer placed with a crossed-pattern and the edges and undertop of the shelves, lacquered in matt black. The small table evolves into a bench thanks to the addition of a soft seat cushion available in a wide choice of leathers and textile finishes, refined with a piping in contrast or tone-on-tone. The family’s stylistic features are also echoed in the bookcase, revisited in sizes, and defined by two shelves with horizontal veneer with matt black lacquered edges and undershelves. Transversal and dynamic furniture, capable of responding to different needs of style, environment, and personality.

A sectional sofa, which allows extreme freedom planning modularity in a geometric harmony of soft volumes that, in their visual simplicity, immediately invite you to experience calm and relaxation, tuning in to the rhythm of your breathing. Thanks to high backrests and seat elements padded with different densities of polyurethane and goose down inserts, DAO SOFT offers full comfort and flexibility, allowing configurations going from the most classic and traditional to the most contemporary ones; central elements, corner elements, terminal elements, hammered armrests and modules with the most unusual shapes, such as chaise longue and dormeuse, allow to make full customisation of the environments. Each module rests on a base, making its soft silhouette even lighter, seemingly Suspended. A proposal that expresses its sartorial spirit in the precious sewing “a pizzicotto” that defines the aesthetics with cover in fabric or in leather. The padded volumes integrate with multifunctional accessories in glossy lacquered colours; more rigorous lines define rectangular and square components, which lend themselves respectively to low bookcases and small tables. The small tables, available with a symmetrical or asymmetrical design between the two tops, can be used as sofa end pieces or as corner element. A piece of furniture that offers endless solutions to adapt to the new requirements of contemporary living, contributing to delineating ever new domestic scenarios with ease.

The timeless simplicity of the purest geometric forms finds its culmination in the careful selection of the materials selected for the PAVOS small table. A strong structure with cylindrical legs made of solid ashwood supports two tops with fluid shapes: two squares with rounded edges placed one above the other. The lower table top is in ashwood, elegantly contrasting with the upper one, which is made of fused fumé-coloured glass, a new material added to the wide range of finishes in the collection, aiming to communicate an idea of conceptual but also visual lightness.

A table with an architectural imprint, where the research for simplicity is expressed in innovative technical solutions concealed from the eye. CYCLOP is defined by the flush joint of the thin rectangular top with strong cylindrical legs, a subtractive approach that determines the total absence of sharp angles in the entire silhouette. Presented in the brand new finishes specifically designed to celebrate its fluid soul: special metallic lacquers with a satin effect, available in three colours: “champagne”, “anthracite” and “bordeaux”. A minimalist reinterpretation of a traditional piece of furniture that welcomes the complexity of everyday interactions.

A sinuous design inspired by the past, revealing a personality devoted to hospitality and conviviality. LIBELLE keeps the curved lines and unbeatable comfort of the 1950s bergére armchairs from which it takes its inspiration, in the name of a more casual, contemporary elegance. The fluid design, obtained by the use of a mould, is inspired by the shape of a dragonfly’s wings, sharing a sense of pure relaxation and inviting you to experiment with its generous proportions. The visual comfort is matched by that of the seat and the covers in which it is presented, soft fabrics or warm leathers that create a perfect harmony with the gentle lines that define it. It is also available with a swivel base.

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