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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 02 July 2024

Images courtesy of Fratelli Boffi

Part of the new Fabula Project: unveiled at Salone del Mobile 2024

Fratelli Boffi, in collaboration with Storagemilano studio, presented the In-Tarsio boiserie as part of the new Fabula project, unveiled at Salone del Mobile 2024. Made from the highest quality materials and with attention to the finest details, the In-Tarsio boiserie reinvents classic forms in a modern key by combining Fratelli Boffi’s strong traditional and craftsmanship charge with the design skills of Storagemilano.

In-Tarsio is a majestic boiserie made by numerically controlled inlay in maple, eucalyptus, heat-treated oak, and matte walnut. Inspired by the works of the great contemporary artists, the In-Tarsio project combines the overlapping three-dimensional moving elements with the two-dimensionality of inlay generating a system that, through the use of different essences, creates a trompe l’oeil effect.

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Its lines and movements generate a geometric pattern outlined within a grid with a strong aesthetic-spatial connotation. The interior of the structure is then completed with a wooden element that breaks the linearity of the design and, through a rotary movement, produces a rhythmic.

In-Tarsio boiserie can be equipped with storage compartments or offers the possibility to create doors and display compartments, demonstrating its versatility and customization, aimed to meet all the needs of the living world.

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