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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 27 May 2024

Images courtesy of Frag

Presents its New 2024 Collection

Frag participated in Milan Design Week 2024 with an extended collection that includes significant innovations and types of cement and some beneficial partnerships. The contemporary designs demonstrate the unique savoir-faire of a company boasting skills acquired over more than a century of working with leather and saddle leather, and which continues to project its vision of the living environment.

Frag is adopting an enterprising approach to product presentation with a decision not to attend the Salone del Mobile Fair, opting instead for a more intimate and focused atmosphere.

The new collection will be presented at the Via Carducci showroom in central Milan, a space of over 300 sqm. that serves as a hub for meetings with architects and interior designers. This site provides an important showcase for the Friulian company’s creations and has also established itself as an invaluable venue for sparking productive conversations and cementing strategic partnerships. The decision to focus on the showroom underlines Frag’s commitment to developing it as a strategic centre for the presentation of new trends and somewhere to meet furnishing professionals. The company is excited to offer a uniquely sophisticated experience, welcoming visitors to a space that reflects the distinctive elegance and innovation of its new collection.

At Milan Design Week 2024, Frag will present excellence in the creation of leather and saddle leather furniture through a narrative related by Italian and international designers covering a range of projects, each expounding the company’s distinctive style and paying homage to its roots in a consistently contemporary interpretation. It will include new projects created in collaboration with Oscar and Gabriele Buratti and with Werner Aisslinger. Fresh perspectives are now influencing the creation of new living scenarios as new elements are introduced into the product range, although developments in seating, a Frag speciality, continue to be explored. The 2024 Collection expands Frag’s solutions for the domestic environment and is also ideally suited to the contract sector.

The presentation of the new collection will open with a project signed by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, reconfirming their collaboration with Frag following successful projects presented in the two most recent Salone del Mobile events and affirming Frag’s experience in working with leather and saddle leather.

Frag will be presenting an expanded Syren family incorporating a new dining armchair and a two-seater divan. The essential features of the Syren collection are preserved in a balanced blend of softness and lightness. A tubular metal frame supports a wide saddle leather band that envelops the chair. The comfortable seat consists of a single structural cushion that is both voluminous and visually appealing, while the backrest and armrests (the latter available on the two-seater divan), are designed as soft mobile cushions that adapt to bodily contours for total comfort. The metal frame shows a contrasting lightness of slender profiles.

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The personality of this new member of the Syren family emerges in the details and finishes, with a contemporary precision that draws inspiration from the past. Solid yet graceful, the metal frame – available painted black, in dark micaceous bronze, or brushed brass – supports the saddle leather band and cradles the padded components, which are available in all leathers and fabrics in the catalogue, making Syren the ideal seating for sophisticated residential interiors.

Another important newcomer this year is the Hug Sofa by Werner Aisslinger, a highly comfortable modular sofa of soft curves and notably simple classic lines.

Designed to grace any environment, the Hug Sofa offers the extreme comfort of soft, generous padding: the seat cushions, backrests and armrests are completed with a layer of memory foam and wadding for enhanced softness.

Modularity makes it possible to create customised linear and angular layouts of varied sizes and shapes. The appealing lines, with high enveloping backrests and armrests, inclined slightly outwards to resemble petals, recall organic forms from the world of botany. The backrests and armrests are attached to the base structure using a specially designed interlocking plate system.

The seating modules are double-sided and can be assembled and combined in various ways to create customised layouts.

The Hug Sofa, versatile and extremely comfortable, is designed to add style to contemporary living rooms.

The Frag 2024 Collection updates product lines introduced last year and adds new models in an expanded product range. Vivid colour effects and a variety of new materials and finishes enliven the presentation of the new products, revealing Frag’s perspective on contemporary living and underlining its unceasing commitment to detail and the use of fine materials – the distinguishing features of a century and more of Frag history.

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