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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 08 March 2023

Images courtesy of Euromobil

April 18-23, 2023 Milan : Kitchen SEI by Marc Sadler

SEI as in six millimetres, a thickness that returns in various parts in the kitchen designed by Marc Sadler, subject to a major restyling this year. The kitchen appears balanced in design and thanks to an expansion of the compositional range it acquires a renewed modularity. The multiple and unique personalities, that match with every taste, allow the kitchen to be modulated in various compositions, with the introduction of new finishes and new refined colours that can be proposed according to individual needs. Marc Sadler in designing SEI used an aesthetic language that makes contrast and versatility his strong point.

In the picture, the kitchen has a top and front drawer in aged stainless steel, front doors in sandblasted chestnut with a dark finish, columns in grey anodized lacquer and stools in black ragged elm. The new SEI compositions will be present in Euromobil Flagship Store in Corso Monforte 30/3 during the Milano Design Week.

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